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Onuma Space Settings Matrix

Space Settings Matrix

The space setting matrix can be accessed in edit mode in the settings under space settings. The matrix is closely tied to space attributes, as many of the setting established here will be reflected in color-coding on the floor plan under space attributes. Another easy way to update the space settings matrix is through the use of excel import and export as each section of the space matrix has a corresponding column header in the excel spreadsheet.


Generic Space Info

  • Space Number: Enter space number
  • Capacity: Enter capacity
  • Occupancy: Enter occupancy
  • Space Height: Enter space height
  • Space Elevation: Enter space elevation
  • HVAC: Enter either "non-conditioned" or "conditioned"
  • OSCRE: Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate. Get code values for Onuma HERE (tab 1)
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Metric Space Info

MDI: Mission Dependency Index

MDI Score Term Color Scheme
100 -85 Critical Red
85-70 Significant Orange
70-55 Relevant Yellow
55-40 Moderate Green
40-0 Low Blue

SUI: Space Utilization Index

Is calculated by dividing actual square feet by allowable square feet. The SUI measures compliance with space standards, which ensures distribution of space across a building. The SUI can be used to collect data on existing spaces and to update the standards to better support operations and mission objectives. An SUI of 1.00 means the space exactly complies with space standards. In practice an SUI range is established to account for reasonable departures from the standards due to suitability issues and local variations. For example, an SUI range between 0.95 and 1.15 is considered reasonable.

In general:

  • 0 to <0.95 would represent a saving in your allowable SF
  • 0.95 to <1.15 would represent reasonable allowable SF
  • >1.15 would represent a loss in allowable SF

FCI: Facility Condition Index

>0 Excellent
>0.05 Good
>0.1 Fair
>0.15 Poor

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GSA Space Categories

  • GSA STAR Space Type: Get code values for Onuma HERE (tab 2)
  • GSA STAR Space Category: Get code values for Onuma HERE (tab 3)
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GSA Space Zones

  • Security Zone: Enter either: "Public", "Restricted", or "Secure"
  • Preservation Zone: Enter either: "Rehabilitation", "Renovation", or "Restoration"
  • Privacy Zone: Enter either: "Public" or "Non-Public"
  • Project Specific Zone: GSA Specific Data
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GSA Space Occupants

  • Occupant Organization Code: Get code values for Onuma HERE (tab 4)
  • Occupant Sub-Organizational Code: GSA Specific Data
  • Occupant Billing ID: GSA Specific Data
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USCG Space Info

This is USCG specific data tools; i.e., either you know them or USCG has given them to you.

  • Space Code
  • USCG Land Opfac
  • USCG Site Number
  • USCG Group Opfac
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Group Attributes (Integer values)

Custom Space Attributes that you set up in the Custom Space Attributes

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