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Onuma Viewing Tools

Onuma Viewing Tools

Onuma Viewing Tools allow you to control your point of view at any level in your Onuma Scheme. These tools are:

View Mode

This mode allows the user to only view the scheme without fear of changes.

  • To use View Mode click on View Mode above the Onuma Graphical UI

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Zoom Tools allow you to zoom in, out or to extents.

  • zoomin.jpg Click Zoom In to Zoom in or scroll up on your mouse's scroll wheel (hot key Z)

  • zoomx.jpg Click Zoom Exents to Zoom to extents of your plan in Onuma (hot key X)

  • zoomout.jpg Click Zoom Out to Zoom Out or scroll down on your mouse's scroll wheel (hot key Shift + Z)

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The Pan tool allows you to move you view point in any direction in the graphical UI.

To Pan click on the Pan tool pan.jpg (hot key Spacebar + Mouse Click and Drag)

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Font Size

The Font Size tool allows you to adjust the font size of the labels in the graphical UI.

To increase the font size press increase.jpg

To decrease the font size press decrease.jpg

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The Toggle Building/Space Label tool allows you to select the type of label to view in the graphical UI.

6.jpg Displays ID/Key Numbers (Note: These numbers are Onuma System Generated and cannot be altered)

az.jpg Displays Building Names

12.jpg Displays Space Numbers

12az.jpg Displays Building/Space Numbers and Building/Space Names

ScreenShot027.jpg Displays Space Names and Square Footage

The Toggle Label allows you to select how labels are displayed and allows you to move labels in the graphical UI.

autoonlabel.jpg Auto Hides labels based on size and zoom level

alwaysshow.jpg Shows all labels regardless of size or zoom level

movelabel.jpg Allows you to move labels and the local origin (important for Revit users)

    Note: When this is activated red dots appear on the label. You can move the red dot with the label into the building and/or space by clicking on the dot and dragging them into position.

ScreenShot026.jpg Allows you to hide all labels

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3D View


3D View allows you to see your project in 3D using the Google Earth Plugin for the whole site, and GDL Viewer to see an individual space with it's furniture in 3D.

To View in 3D click 3dveiw.jpg

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Allows you to print your current view by clicking print.jpg


Addition Information for Printing:

When printing, Onuma prints what is on-screen. In other words, if you want to show a certain color coded space or building attribute, you must first select that attribute and then select print.


Select your page size:

  • Letter
  • 11x17

Note: Printing to 8 1/2 x 11 inch is by default set to portrait format while 11 x 17 is set to landscape format. You may rotate the plan and/or the legend to inverse these defaults.

Use navigation buttons to zoom and pan, change font size and displayed labels.

Use Rotation to rotate plan and/or Legend to achieve best fit on page.

Then uncheck layers to not print them:

  • Show Layers:
    • Spaces
    • Slabs
    • Sketches
    • Navigation Buttons
    • North Arrow
    • Rulers
    • Legend

Additional Printing Notes:

  • Move the North Arrow and the Legend simply by dragging them (the invisible area around the legend sometimes can overlap the north arrow).
  • If printed to PDF, the drawing can be re-opened in Adobe Illustrator and scaled to any size without loss of quality since it is a vector drawing (Generally, you will have a pdf printer if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, however if you need a free pdf printer try PrimoPDF).

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My Bookmarked Schemes

If you have multiple studios or are working often on a particular scheme then bookmarked schemes are for you!


Creates a link to your scheme on My Bookmarked Schemes on the Studio Page.

To create a bookmark:

  • Click bookmark.jpg which pulls up:
  • Add a thumbnail image
  • Add an optional description
  • Click Submit

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Display and Hide (Layer Control)

Display and Hide is like layers in drafting programs, it is basically the ability to turn on and off parts of your Onuma Scheme. This is done on the control Panel to the right. At all three Onuma Scheme Levels; Site, Floor, and Space you have the ability to filter what you see in the Graphical Window, simply by checking things on or off.

For example, if you needed to view the Sketch lines on the Floor Plan but the Spaces were obstructing your view of those lines, you could Hide the spaces by unchecking them in the Control Panel.
Turn the Spaces back on by Checking the box.

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