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Adding Annotations

Adding Annotations

In Onuma you can add annotations. Use them as notes or for call outs. Here's how:


  1. Be in Edit Mode in your Onuma Scheme
  2. Click AddAnnotation.jpg Add Annotation button
  3. A black arrow will appear, with the first click you specify the location of the tip of the arrow and then you drag the cursor to where you want the text box to appear
  4. A small pop-up window will appear:
    • Add your annotation text
    • Select your arrow, text, and background (BG) colors
    • Select if you want an arrow or not (default is with arrow)
    • Click OK when finished
  5. Now your annotation will appear on your plans.

To Edit your Annotations:

  • Double Click on the text to edit text or colors.
  • Click and drag in text area to move position of annotation
  • Click and drag arrow to point arrow in a specific direction
  • Delete Annotation by selecting annotation and click delete on keyboard
  • Hide Annotation using Layer Control under Sketches and Annotations Menu

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