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Space Plan 3D View Options

Right-Click Options on Space Plan 3D View

While looking at your space plan in 3D View you can right-click in the window for more options:

  • Save Object - Allows you to save out the room as 3DS file type
  • Save Image - Allows user to save a JPEG file of current view
  • 2D Symbol - View space in 2D
  • Wire Frame - View space in wire frame
  • Hidden Line - View space with hidden lines
  • Shading - View space with shading
  • Photo Rendering - View space photo realistic
  • View Options - Allows user to set various options including: Projection Type, Angle of Projection, increase rendering quality, add shadows, and/or outlined contours in shading view

Examples of various Projection Types

  • Zoom In - Zooms in on current view
  • Zoom Out - Zooms out of current view
  • Pan - Allows user to pan around current view
  • Reset View - Returns user to original 3D view, whether wire, hidden, shaded or photo-realistic
  • Internal 3D Engine vs. OpenGL options:
    • OpenGL is a 3D rendering engine with limited capabilities, for example: features such as shadows do not work using the OpenGL engine. By using the Internal 3D Engine all operational features will work.

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User Comments
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The 3D view is not completely open. It stated "The Google Earth plug-in is now installed. Restart the browser to see it in action". How do I fix this? [EM - 11/13/14]