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Tutorials - Most are below 6 minutes:
Basic Onuma System Navigation
Starting a New Project
Excel to BIM
Blocking and Stacking, Comparing Program Areas
Starting a New Project with Templates
Adding Context
Modifying a Plan in the Onuma System and Excel
4D Time and Site Elements
Exporting from the Onuma System
Onuma to Revit Round Trip
Onuma System and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Onuma to SketchUp
SketchUp to Onuma
Get Real with BIM
BIM Tube (Videos & Presentations)
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User Comments
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Q. When I group spaces in Excel and import, it doesn't give me the option to view groups - just normal, bubble diagram, and rounded edges [EH - 3/25/10]

A. Groups were used to multiple select spaces that shared a similar attribute. The feature has been disabled in Onuma, but the column is still in the excel template. Here is the work around:<br />1. Assign Departments or use an Attribute Group; see: https://www.onuma.com/manuals/OPSSpecialViews.php#Custom_Settings<br />to learn more about Attribute Groups.<br />2. Use Method 2 listed here: https://www.onuma.com/manuals/OPSEditingTools.php#Multiple_Selection [AH - 3/25/10]

Updated all animations with new features. 12/4/2010 [KO - 12/4/10]