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New Features

New Features as they are added to The Onuma System

Updates to Onuma happen on a regular basis. Updates are available as soon as a user logs in. Since Onuma is web enabled, there is no need to install software to activate new features.

Completed Features

5.27.13 Revit Plugin Updates and Revit 2014 Plugin

Get your updated Revit Plugins and/or the new Revit 2014 Plugin at the Plugins section of the Onuma Studios Page


5.22.13 New Annotation Button

Annotations in Onuma used to be hotkey N but this has been disabled and replaced with the new AddAnnotation.jpg Add Annotation button.

How to Here

5.20.13 New Duplicate Scheme Features

When you duplicate a scheme, you can select to add it to the original project even if you are not the owner of that project. The duplicated scheme will be created with the same access privileges as the original one, in other words it will be owned by the original owner and shared with the same groups.

Only Editors who have Editing Access to that a specific scheme can duplicate it in this way. In other words, if you have Read Only access you can only copy it into one of your own projects.

5.15.13 Multiple Space Relationships

Allows you to assign multiple space relationships between spaces and create views/prints that display one relationship at a time.

5.3.13 Rotate Floor Plan without changing Site Plan Orientation

It is easier to edit a Floor Plan when it is orthogonal, but not all buildings are orientated on their site as such. Now you can edit your Floor Plan angle without changing the Buildings angle on the Site Plan.

How to Here

3.14.13 Revit 2012 AND Vasari 2.5 Plugin

Get the plugin in the plugin section on your studio page or here

3.12.13 HTML at Building and Site Levels with Full Screen Button

We now have an HTML description field for both levels, buildings and sites. You can add this HTML code in the Building Settings and in the Site Settings respectively. The HTML displays in the Display tab when double-clicking on buildings or the site and it also displays in the Google Earth balloon for both of them. We also added a full screen button to the top right in the popup mainly to be able to display larger html content in the display tab.

3.8.13 Link your GIS Server with Onuma

Only available for Onuma Studio and Enterprise Users. Inquire Here

10.29.12 Work Order Module

Work Order Module available for purchase for Onuma Studio and Enterprise Users. Inquire Here

10.20.12 Onuma to Navisworks Manage 2012 and 2013

Now you can export/import Onuma Models to Navisworks! Get the plugin in the plugin section on your studio page or here:

Please note: Extract archive to desktop before copying plugin into correct folder

9.8.12 Ceiling View

View all components that have an elevation equal to or greater than 6 feet.

9.2.12 Dimensions Off By Default

To reduce the visual clutter in Onuma, we have decided to turn dimension off as your default view. To view dimensions and edit by them on press Toggle Dimensions button.

9.1.12 Edit by Dimension Toggle

Now you can turn dimensions on and off. This tool is especially valuable to those working on large buildings with many, many spaces.

How to Here

9.1.12 Onuma Revit 2013 Plugin

Available to download on the Studio Page!

4.25.12 Update to Onuma Revit 2012 Plugin

The new Revit Plugin V5.1 for Revit 2012 is now available to download from the Studios page.

The main improvements are:

  • Much better export and import of furniture and equipment that are not in the Onuma library
  • Better handling of mirrored components
  • Less errors during export where one has to interrupt the export
  • Removed a problem for European users due to different decimal point (comma in Europe)
  • Creating Massing Models from multiple buildings (city/campus models

3.7.12 Cut Holes in Slabs and Spaces

Best thing since doughnuts! Just kidding, nothing is better than a fresh yummy doughnut, but speaking of doughnuts you can now cut holes in slabs and spaces directly in Onuma! Make all the "doughnut" buildings and spaces you want.

How to Here

1.12.12 Building Comparison

This feature compares buildings within a scheme. For long time Onuma users the old building comparison is now Delta Comparison.

For more info see Building Comparison

12.1.11 Revit 2012 plug-in

Available to download on the Studio Page!

11.8.11 New Report Features

See reports with a pie chart in BIM Gallery

10.3.11 ESRI Maps

Now you can use ESRI Maps for your backgrounds in Onuma

9.24.11 Revit & Varsari Plug-in

Now take your data from Onuma to Revit and Varsari

8.30.11 Tags

Create your own tags in Onuma to custom sort your Project List

7.30.11 Backup / Roll Back

In the "Backup / Roll Back" Section on the right you can create restore points / backups of you scheme that you can later return to.

7.30.11 New BIM Gallery Features

The new BIM Gallery lets you create as many galleries as you need - showing all your different presets, files, comments, etc.

6.4.11 Vertical Alignment Update

Set vertical alignment when on the floor plan!

6.1.11 Mobile BIM Request

Just type in www.bimstorm.com/mob on your mobile device

5.4.11 Drag and Reshape

In order to eliminate some "oops" when working in Onuma, we have changed some basic editing features:

  • Drag: must be turned on to move all objects
  • Reshape: Must be turn on to change shape of objects

3.9.11 Update to Onuma Importer and Exporter

No more pull-down menus make it easier and faster to find the Import / Export you need.

Check our their new look here:

2.1.11 Annotations

Added annotations to Onuma


How to Here

1.3.11 New Hot Key L

L hot key toggles locked/unlocked for all active objects (bldgs, slabs, spaces, columns, etc.)

12.5.10 SketchUp Plug In Updated

Spot Elevations from Onuma to SketchUp now create 3d Terrain in SketchUp
How to here

11.15.10 Copy ArcGIS Layers into Onuma

GIS Layers from ArcGIS can now be selectively copied into Onuma. For example: copy property lines, building footprints and other elements from GIS into Onuma. This is only avaialble in studios that have access to an ArcGIS Server such as the BIMStorm DC Server. Contact Onuma for more info on this exciting new feature of mashing up ArcGIS with Onuma BIM in real time.
How to here

11.20.10 Expanding Energy and Operations Data in Reports

Additional reports relating to energy use and operational costs added.

11.10.10 SketchUp Plug In Updated

Autobim from SketchUp to Onuma

11.1.10 Comparison Reports

It is now possible to select multiple schemes from more than one project and compare buildings or sites to each other.

10.1.10 ArcGIS Layers into Onuma

GIS Layers from ArcGIS can now be visible in Onuma. This is only avaialble in studios that have access to an ArcGIS Server such as the BIMStorm DC Server. Contact Onuma for more info on this exciting new feature of mashing up ArcGIS with Onuma BIM in real time.

9.5.10 Tag Projects

Add tags to schemes to be able to quickly filter out groups of projects.

8.20.10 Convert Spaces to Sketches

Double-click on a space to open popup. Go to the "Transform" tab.

8.20.10 Updates to Wall and Columns

No more hot keys, now add "building elements" (individual walls and columns) from the panel Add Objects at floor level.

How to Here

7.25.10 Updates to Copy Function

Copy Function has change to a two part Copy and Paste system

Read about Copy and Paste Here

7.22.10 Exterior Wall Objects

You can now add exterior walls / building enclosure to floor plans in the Onuma System.


How to Here

7.5.10 Grids

You can now add a grid at site, floor and space level.

How to Here

6.22.10 Custom Shape

Now you can add a building and a spaces by drawing their outline with Custom Shape by clicking on

How to Add Buildings
How to Add Spaces

6.20.10 BIM Mail Archive

Now you can see all the BIM Mail sent from a scheme using the BIM Mail Archive.

How to Here

6.10.10 Onuma Revit 2011 Plug-in

Onuma Revit 2011 Plug-in now available!

How to Here

6.9.10 Zoom with Scroll Wheel

You asked, we listened! Zoom with your scroll wheel now in Onuma!

How to Here

6.1.10 My Bookmarked Schemes


Work on a few schemes very often and wish you could access it faster and not see everyone's clutter along the way? That is why we created Bookmarked Schemes! When you add a bookmark to a scheme, it will show up on your Studio page in My Bookmarked Schemes. Just click My Bookmarked Schemes and you will see your list of bookmarks, click on the link to go directly to that scheme's Site Plan.

How to Here

5.13.10 Edit Building Attributes using Excel

Know how you can edit space attributes using excel and how awesome that is? Now that awesomeness is available to Building Attributes! Import / Export of this excel is at Site Level!

4.19.10 Updates to BIM Gallery

Our BIM Gallery is more robust then ever before! Learn about BIM Gallery

4.13.10 Shadows and Highlights

You may have noticed that objects on your Site Plan and Space Plan look more pronounced then before. Onuma now has shadows on objects at these levels, as will as red highlighting for selected objects.


4.9.10 Preset Views


Preset Views save the zoom level, the panning, Map setting, the attribute settings (color) and the font size.
Note: If schemes are shared to BIM on Demand, links to preset views can be forwarded to people without an Onuma account.

How to HERE

4.2.10 Link Buildings

Allows you to link to a building to your plan and increases your productivity through teamwork. When you link a building to your site plan another user on your team can be working on that floor plan in another scheme simultaneously!
  • To link a building, on your site plan and in edit mode
  • Select Add Shared Building from the pull down menu
  • Select the project and scheme that contain your building
  • Click on the building that you want to link
  • Select the Link building option
  • Click Add
    Note: Currently you cannot unlink a building.

How to here, under Add Shared Building Bullet Point

4.2.10 Collapse Header

To add to your viewable area in Onuma you can now collapse the header by clicking the arrow box to the top.


4.1.10 Curve Editing

You can now create and edit curves in Onuma.


How to Here

3.30.10 Spam Control

In your account settings, there is now a check box if you want to opt-out of receiving occasional emails from Onuma about upcoming Webinars, BIMstorms, and other information directly related to the use of the Onuma System.


Additional Account Settings information located HERE.

3.29.10 Hotkeys

New! Hotkeys used to be listed on the bottom of your screen; now there is a link the pulls up information on the hotkeys in Onuma!


3.29.10 New Context Ghost Views

New! Now when you are on the Floor Plan or Space Plan you can see a ghost view of the context around which you are working!


3.24.10 Local Templates

A whole new way of working with templates!

How to Here

3.24.10 Onuma User Account Profiles

New! Add your picture and information about social networking sites. Pick and choose what you'd like other users to see.


How to Here

3.23.10 Toggle On and Off Snap

Now you can enable and disable snap with a button or with one click of hot key T

How to Here

2.28.10 Google Map Backgrounds

Now when you georeference your site in Onuma, a Google Map will automatically load in the background!


how to here

2.28.10 Furniture View on Floor Plan

Furniture can now seen on the Floor Plan with a simple toggle; look at only certain categories or all the furniture in a building.


how to here

2.28.10 New and Open Options

Allows you to create a new scheme directly from your studio page or to open the studio to list view. For all levels of users, these options allow you to start projects faster, as well as make it more obvious as to what to do after logging into Onuma.


Create a New Scheme from Studio Page how to here
More on list view here

2.15.10 Building Editable at Site Plan

Buildings are now always editable on the Site Plan. No more radio-box to check on or off!

2.15.10 Buildings and Spaces List

Buildings and Spaces have now moved to the left hand side of Onuma. This was done for many reasons:
  • For easier and faster navigation:
    • For example, you could now go from your Site Plan directly into the Space Plan on a Space on the fourth floor of your building!
  • To see more of your building and space list at one time
  • To allow the space list to be sorted by a method you choose:
    • Key Number
    • Space Number
    • Space Name
How to Here

2.15.10 Rebranding

You may have noticed some subtle changes to your Onuma Planning System (OPS). Over the past month, ONUMA, Inc. has rebranded the award-winning OPS to Onuma System, or Onuma for short. No more sentences that sound like this anymore, "Please check out the OPS dept in OPS." Now we are cool- like Revit, Google and Cher; because now OPS is Onuma.


1.2.10 COBIE2 Import

Onuma now can create a scheme from COBIE data

12.1.09SketchUp 7 Onuma Plug-in (beta)


You can work back and forth between Onuma and SketchUp 7.

Onuma SketchUp 7 Plug-in (beta)

11.7.09 - New Onuma Icons

We have been rearranging our functions in Onuma into some stylish new icons! Check them out here:

10.27.09 - Furniture Snap

Furniture now snaps. Snap makes organizing furniture in Onuma much easier.

Read more here.

10.21.09 - Rotate by Angle

Clicking on a dimension opens a pop-up that displays the dimension and now has a second tab that displays its angle; allowing you to rotate the whole space or slab to an angle.

How to Here

10.20.09 - Double-Click

Double-clicking on a building or space will open the pop-up property window which contains a link to that building or spaces for easier navigation.

10.15.09 - New Features Splash



We added a little splash on the right side of your Onuma Studio page to let you know that we have some cool new features. So when you see the splash be sure to check out what's new in Onuma! The big splash will appear for 2 weeks after this page is updated.

10.14.09 - Onuma accepts .XLS and .XLSX

Import/Export Onuma excel files as .XLS or .XLSX instead of .CSV (Do not worry if you do not have Excel, we still accept .CSV)!

9.21.09 - Guideline Offset and Angle


Create guideline offsets or grids! The box also show the angle of the guideline.

How To Here

9.21.09 - Vector Graphics


Switch objects to vector graphics.

How To Here

8.28.09 - Delete Objects in Onuma with the Delete or Backspace Key

Works on buildings, sketches, site components, furniture, and spaces; just select them and type the Del or Backspace key and they will be deleted (so much faster than the old way of deleting objects)!

8.14.09 - New Building Report: Attributes Groups

Now you can build a report based on your departments and custom space attributes, just select what information you desire in your report.

How To Here

7.18.09 - Link Space

Allows you to link to a space to your plan and increases your productivity through teamwork. When you link a space to your floor plan another user on your team can be working on that space plan in another scheme simultaneously!
  • To link a space, on your floor plan click either add template or shared space
  • Select the space(s) you want to link
  • Select the Link Space(s) option at the bottom
  • Click Add
  • To unlink, enter the space and click the unlink icon in the red bar across the top of the screen

7.18.09 - Reference Lines and Snap


Allows you to select a line and use it as a reference or snap line.

How To Here

7.18.09 - New Within Onuma Georeferencing


Allows users to select their georeference their site within Onuma instead of opening Google Earth and saving a separate KML

How To Here

5.26.09 - Building Comparison Report


Allows users to compare their current building to original requirements or another related building using Space Numbers or Global Unique ID (GUID)

  • Creates a Building Comparison Report
  • Also creates a visual color coding on the floor plan

How To Here

5.14.09 - autoBIM


Anxious to use Onuma, but always fear that blank page? Now with autobim.jpg for projects you'll never have to fear a blank page again (just think of it like training wheels for Onuma)!

With autobim.jpg for projects you can explore Onuma through a sample project, or even create your own test project that already contains many features of Onuma filled in so you can see for yourself the possibilities with Onuma.

Later, as you become more comfortable with Onuma, autobim.jpg for buildings brings you a rapid way to create building in Onuma that are more advanced then the default rectangle building from Add Empty Building.

How To Here

4.20.09 - Edit by Dimension


Allows you to numerically adjust dimensions.

How To Here

4.16.09 - 3D View on Floor Plan

  • Now you can zoom in on a single building in Onuma with 3D View on the Floor Plan.
    • Also: Updated Google Earth Plugin for a larger viewing area and added the timeline.

4.10.09 - Edit by Stretching


Instead of just editing with points you can now grab a side and stretch it, works on your site, buildings, spaces, polygon sketches, roadways, construction pads and parcels

How To Here

4.5.09 - Font Size

  • Now you can change the font size in Onuma graphical UI, just click on the lettersize.jpg Font Icons to increase or decrease the font size.

How To Here

3.23.09 - BIM Mail

  • Allows you the capability to email your fellow studio users or a specific user group
    Note: the scheme must be shared first and for groups to appear you must share to that group
  • When in a scheme select BIM Mail in the Onuma ribbon, toward the top right.

3.23.09 - User Groups

  • Selecting the OPSstudioUsers.jpg Studio User Icon, you can now go in and create groups with your fellow studio users. This is especially helpful it you often collaborate with a set of individuals often!
  • User Groups make it possible for you to share file selectively with a group of users of your choice, instead of sharing with the entire studio.

3.23.09 - Undo/Redo

  • Undo undo.jpg and Redo redo.jpg allow you to do step by step undos and redos between save points.

How To Here

3.23.09 - Ruler Tool

  • Ruler Tool - Allows you to freely measure in Onuma.

How To Here

3.23.09 - Updated Sketch Tool

  • Unlock the sketch layer by selecting the sketchpencilicon.jpg sketch icon after unlocking the sketch layer you can use the same icon to add sketches.

2.16.09 - Custom Color Settings using hexadecimal color codes

  • Allows you to enter hexadecimal color code in areas such as departments and custom settings.
  • Go to Settings> General settings> Department or Custom settings
  • Click in the color box to enter the hexadecimal code or select the color wheel to pick from 40 preset colors

1.25.09 - Drag Multiple Select with Marquee

  • Drag to select multiple elements at site, building and space level
  • Dragging from left to right selects elements inside the bounding box
  • Dragging from right to left selects elements touching the bounding box

How To Here

1.10.09 - Dynamic Text Size

  • Text size changes based on zoom level.
  • Zooming out hides text based on the space size. This reduces the text cluttering the image when zoomed far away.
  • Zooming in reveals the text dynamically based on the space size.

12.20.08 - Add Space Templates using Excel

12.15.08 - User Settings

  • View user names in Studio Level
  • Adjust password and user information

11.7.08 - Export site components with 4D to Google Earth

  • Site components now building in Google Earth just like building do when you play the time-line.

11.15.08 - Transform sketch elements to buildings or site components


  • Sketches can be converted into that site component.

How To Here

11.02.08 - Dynamic Dimensioning

  • Elements show dimensions

11.02.08 - Site Components

  • Add site components
  • Add start and end date for 4D.

11.02.08 - Sketch Elements

  • Add sketch elements, lines and polygons
  • Color code and add info
  • Sketch elements are not calculated in reports. Create site component for calculations.

How To Here

11.02.08 - Layers

  • Turn Buildings, Site Components, Backgrounds and Sketches on and off

How To Here

11.02.08 - Start and End Dates Export Import

  • Import and Export as CSV file the start and end construction dates for managing 4D simulations

How To Here

11.02.08 - Background Upload and Rotate

  • Upload background
  • New technique for rotating background, click and rotate
  • See contextual help at bottom of page

10.30.08 - Revit Add On

  • Import and Export buildings, and spaces from Onuma to Revit
  • Import and export furniture and equipment ( beta )

2009 How To Here

2010 How To Here

10.06.08 - Google Earth Plug In Color Coding and Objects

  • Edit the color coding of buildings and spaces in the Google Earth Plug in for PC

10.03.08 - Rotation of Objects

  • Select Object - Type R Key
  • Click #1 = Center of Rotation
  • Click #2 = Starting Angle of Rotation
  • Click #3 = Ending Angle of Rotation
  • Rotation of objects is now in free rotation mode by default.
  • Holding down the shift key while rotating will snap to 90 degree increments.

10.01.08 - Google Earth Plug In

  • On the PC side it is now possible to open the Site Plan view in 3D Google Earth Plug In directly in the web browser.

09.20.08 - Move Schemes Between Studios

  • From the project list page, click on the mail icon to send to another studio.

09.01.08 - Show and Hide Right Side Navigation

  • Double Click on vertical separator hides the UI
  • Click and drag separator changes the size of each panel.

09.08.08 - Export 4D Timeline Wheel to Google Earth

  • For buildings that have a start and end construction date in settings, the export to Google Earth now includes a "time wheel" to show 4D construction sequencing of buidlings.

09.08.08 - Color Coded Attributes of buildings at site plan level

  • Buildings can now have user defined color coded attributes in 2D.

How To Here

09.08.08 - Color Coded Attributes of Spaces at Floor Plan level

  • Spaces can now have user defined color coded attributes in 2D.

How To Here

09.01.08 - Full Screen Mode

  • The graphical interface at all levels is full screen now
  • The Navigation bar at the top of the screen has a new look
  • Vertical scroll is added to right side navigation

09.01.08 - Studio Branding

  • Onuma Studio Pro users can now include their company logo on the upper left.
  • Send company logo to Onuma to update the UI for your studio.

09.01.08 - Site Feature Objects exported to Google Earth

  • Roads can be exported to Google Earth

09.01.08 - Flash Pop Up Windows

  • Alt + click on an element brings up pop up window about that element for editing

09.01.08 - Flash User Interface Replaces GDL User Interface at space Level 2D

  • Space level with furniture and equipment is now using the Flash UI
  • 3D View at Space Level is still using GDL 3D viewer

08.18.08 - Print from Flash User Interface

  • A new "Print" button has been added to be able to print the graphics from the Flash UI.
  • This can also be used to save out higher resolution PDFs to use as graphics in reports.

08.01.08 - Flash User Interface Replaces SVG User Interface

  • At the site and floor plan level, it is now possible to move spaces by selecting space.
  • Other new features such as rotation

08.01.08 - Site Components Added at Site Level

  • Cars, Trees, Sports Fields and other objects can be added at site level.

How To Here

07.23.08 - Export Data in COBie Format

  • Export lifecycle data to a multi tab excel file.

07.1.08 - Create User Defined Custom Reports to Excel

  • In Reports > Buildings > Detailed Space Report, create a user defined output to Excel through CSV.

05.01.08. - Background Images


  • Allows you to add a background image and resize them at the Site and Floor Plan level.

How To Here

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User Comments
Note: Questions and comments posted here are visible to all users who have access to Onuma.

print from flasher UI is not visible on menu? [TT - 1/24/10]

Excel Import with dimension constraints not working. Imports as square vs x y dimensions. [TT - 1/24/10]

Print button is on the right side of the Flash UI.<br /><br />6th one down in edit mode<br />or 3rd button down in view mode. [KO - 1/24/10]

For Excel Import:<br />The X and Y dimension should be what is imported if you have both fields filled in.<br /><br />For example:<br />It Column "E" Space area = 200 <br />and Column "F" X = 15<br />and Column "G" Y= 20<br /><br />The imported shape should be 15x 20 = 300 sf<br />not 200 sf. [KO - 1/24/10]

In relation to a time-table schedule that I prepared for the building that I developed at BIMStorm 2011 - I was hoping that by importing its data content into your BIM Server that the classrooms could be highlighted in a separate color to correspond with the schedule. However, as I have imported the schedule I have not noticed any change - can you please assist? [AR - 12/13/11]

I cannot import an .xml file into Onuma from DDS viewer [BM - 4/7/14]