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Onuma Hotkeys

Shortcut Key Definition Action
X View Extent Zoom out to full extent of drawing
Z Zoom in Zoom closer (objects that are too small can't be modified until zoomed in)
Shift-Z Zoom out Zoom out (Internet Explorer users can use scroll wheel to zoom)
Spacebar-Drag Pan Pan drawing
Crtl/Cmd-Z Undo (this shortcut doesn't work in Internet Explorer - please use undo button)
Shift-Click OR
Multiple Selection Select multiple object by holding the shift key or with the marquee tool (hotkey M)
Ctrl/Cmd-Click Properties Menu Ctrl-Click (Mac Cmd-Click) or double-click on objects opens properties menu
Alt Remove Constraints Remove right-angle (polygon shapes) and fixed-proportions (furniture/components) constraints
Alt-Click Toggle Curve/Straight Alt-Click on line segment of a selected building, space, or slab to toggle line segment between curved and straight line. Pull curve to modify radius.
T Toggle Snapping Objects snap to guide lines and to each other (furniture)
D Drag Toggle to enable dragging single or multiple objects
H Reshape Toggle to enable reshaping of objects
R Rotate After activating object, 1st click sets center, then click-and-drag to rotate / holding shift sets the final angle to horizontal or vertical.
C Copy After activating one or more objects, use C or the copy button to add them to the clipboard.
V Paste Use V to place objects stored in the clipboard. (Objects can be pasted into any plan within the same Studio.)
M Marquee Tool Capture multiple objects - pull from left-to-right to include only what is fully in marquee and from right-to-left to include all.
L Lock Toggle Toggle lock status of all active (selected) objects (building, site elements, spaces, furniture, sketches etc.)
Shift Shift-drag Hold shift to move objects horizontally or vertically
Esc Cancel Cancel current operation
B Toggle Background Toggle Background to make it editable (note additional Hotkeys at bottom of screen when background is unlocked)
K Scale Background Scale Background: move one point of background to corresponding point in plan and then press "K" / click and hold second point to align and drag it to corresponding pont / release mouse click and hit "B" to lock background again
-- Annotation Please use the icon at the bottom in the tools to add an Annotation
S Toggle Sketch Unlock sketch layer to add sketch lines and polygons / use sketch buttons to start drawing
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