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Floor Tools

Floor Tools

This help file will show you how to use additional tools related to the Floor Plan Level which includes slabs and spaces. These tools are:


Grids can be placed on sites, building floors and spaces to help you organize your layouts. On building floors, columns can be added to grid points.

How to add a Grid:


  • Start at the Plan you want to add a grid (site, floor, space)
  • Double click to select the object for the grid


  • Check box to show grid
  • Input grid spacing
  • Input grid angle (see onscreen method below)
  • Select grid origin* (see onscreen method below)
  • Click OK
Optionally you may define things onscreen:
  • First make sure the slab is unlocked by double clicking and selecting unlock and hit save
  • Then for rotate:
    • Click on the center of rotation
    • Click on the starting location of the angle
    • Click on the finish location of the angle
  • Or for origin
    • Click and hold to drag the grid until it lines up to the origin you desire.

* Grid origin 0,0 is located in the center of the slab, it is a computer defined point that cannot be altered; for this reason it may be best to select to define the origin onscreen.

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Walls & Columns

On the Floor Plan you can also add exterior walls / building enclosure and columns:


  • First make sure you are in Edit Mode on the Floor Plan

Method 1 (Best for singular or unique columns or walls):

  • On the Add Object(s) menu, go to Building Elements > Walls and Columns


  • Enter the amount you want of a Wall or Column and click on the object to add

Method 2 (Best for multiple columns at grid center points and quick entry of all exterior walls):

For Columns:

  • Define and add your grid first See Above
  • Double click floor slab and select Add Column(s) tab


  • Edit the column's dimensions, height, column type, and type (Note: set the column height to 0' for floor to floor height)
  • Click Add Column(s)
  • Columns will be added to all grid center points contained within the area of the slab

For Walls:

  • Double click floor slab and select Add Wall(s) tab


  • Edit the wall's thickness (in pixels not actual wall thickness), height, and type (Note: set the wall height to 0' for floor to floor height)
  • Click Add Wall(s)
  • Walls will be added to exterior perimeter of slab

To edit/move/delete Wall:

  • Double Click on the Wall


  • Here you can change the type, height, pixel thickness and lock or unlock the Wall
  • Choose your settings and click Save
  • An Unlocked Wall can be moved or deleted

To edit/move/delete Columns:

  • Double Click on the Column


  • Here you can change the dimensions, type, height and lock or unlock the column
  • Choose your settings and click Save
  • An Unlocked Column can be moved or deleted

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Add a Hole to this Slab or Space

On the Floor Plan while in Edit Mode:
  • Double Click on a Slab or Space
  • Click on the blue text Add a Hole to this Slab/Space
  • Use pen tool to select corner points of hole
  • Complete your polygon by finishing at your first point

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Edit Floor Slab(s)

Do you have an additional slab that is part of your current building and not its own separate building? Using the Edit Floor Slab Tool you can add additional slabs to your building in Onuma.

Example of additional Slab

Here's how:

  • On the Floor Plan select Edit Floor Slab(s)


  • Click Add Floor Slab
  • Additional you can select if these slab will be counted toward the SF
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Copy Slabs, Columns, Walls

When creating multistory buildings, often the floor slabs are identical through certain portions (for example, 1-4 are identical slabs, 5-7 are identical slabs, and 8-12 are identical slabs). In Onuma, it is possible to copy the geometry of slabs to additional slabs. You can also use this tool to copy columns & walls


Here's how:

  • Create a multistory building in Onuma
  • Edit a slab
  • Go to Copy Slabs, Columns, Walls


  • Select the slabs that are identical to the slab you edited, additionally you can also copy grid/columns/walls to the floors as well
  • Click copy


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Rotate Entire Building

Most buildings are not placed on a site in an orthogonal direction but are at an angle.

When importing building models as BIMXML or as Excel files, they will be placed orthogonally onto the site in Onuma. A building can then be rotated to fit the placement on the site; while remaining orthogonal on the floor plan level.

However, when buildings are generated through GIS layers or KML imports, they appear at the same angle in the floor plan and the site plan. This is usually not very convenient for editing purposes and is also not convenient when exporting them to a desktop BIM application.

How to Rotate Entire Building:

  • Make sure you are in Edit Mode on the Floor Plan level
  • Select the Floor Slab or a Space and Unlock if necessary (Hotkey L)
  • Activate Dimensions
  • Click on a Dimension of a side that you want to be orthogonal
  • Select Angle tab
  • Change Angle of Edge to 0 (zero) or whatever orthogonal angle is appropriate
  • Check Rotate Entire Building
  • Click Save

Rotating the building this way does not change the way the building is placed on the site. Note that spaces and slabs with curves do not display dimensions; we are working to fix this.

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