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Onuma Editing Tools

Onuma Editing Tools

Onuma Editing tools allow you to edit in the graphical window, these tools include:

Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to edit your scheme.

  • Click on Edit Mode on the top of the Graphical Window to enter Edit Mode

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Undo allows you to undo actions between save points.

  • Click undo.jpg Undo Icon (hot key Ctrl + Z) to undo one action at a time up to your last save point

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Redo allows you to redo an action that you have undone between save points.

  • Click redo.jpg Redo Icon (hot key Ctrl + Shift + Z) to redo one action at a time up to your first undo

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Save Now

Save Now creates a save point when you otherwise do not have one.

  • Click savenow.jpg to create a save point

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Georeference within Onuma allows you to select a site without having to open Google Earth.

(1.) To Georeference in Onuma :

  • Click GRunset.jpg


  • Search to find your location (you can also use the zoom and pan keys on the map)
  • Draw a polygon one the map by clicking around the site
  • Click Proceed

(2.) Alternatively, you can still select your site on Google Earth, and save a KML to import:


When you return to Onuma you will now see GRset.jpg indicating that the site has been georeferenced.

Clicking GRset.jpg will allow you to:

  • Update the site:


    • If you are updating a site your old site will be in blue and the new site you draw will be in red

  • View your latitude and longitude:


  • Set an Absolute Site Elevation:


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Allows objects to be reshaped
  • Click reshape.jpg to enable editing by stretching or edit points (hot key H)

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Allows objects to be moved
  • Click drag.jpg to enable drag (hot key D)

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Shows dimensions and allows editing by dimension or angle
  • Click editdim.jpg to enable editing by dimension or angle

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Rotate allows you to rotate your selected component in the Graphical Window.

  • to Rotate:
    • Select the component you wish to rotate
    • Hit R on your keyboard or rotate.jpg
    • Click once, in the Graphical window, for the center of rotation
    • Move away and click to create your starting angle of rotation
    • Rotate freely to desired angle or hold down shift to display absolute orthogonal guidelines

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Copies Objects
  • Select Objects
  • Click copydrag.jpg to copy or type C
    NOTE: Objects copied appear directly on top of original object
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Pastes a copied object
  • Copy an object(s)
  • Click ScreenShot522.jpg to paste or type V
  • Select your pasting options:
    • Paste on top of original or to center of screen
    • Create a new object or a linked object
      NOTE: A link object can only be edited by editing the original.
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Marquee Selection

Marquee Selection allows you to select components, and move or rotate them together, through the use of a marquee

  • To use Marquee Selection, click on the marquee.jpg Marquee Icon (hot key M)
    • Click and drag right to select everything the marquee touches OR
    • Click and drag left to only select the component that is completely encased by the marquee
NOTE: When your sketch layer is unlocked, the marquee will only selected sketches; when your sketch layer is locked, the marquee will not select sketches. To learn more about sketching in Onuma go HERE

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Add a Ruler

Allows you to drop a temporary ruler anywhere on your graphical window.
Note: Rulers do not save, as soon as you create a new save point they disappear

  • Click on the ruler.jpg Add a Ruler Icon
  • Click in the graphical window where you want the ruler to start
  • End the ruler by clicking in the graphical window where you want the ruler to end

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Multiple Selection

Multiple Selection allows you to select multiple components, and move or rotate them together.

Method 1:

  • For Multiple Selection, hold Shift + Click on the components in the Graphical Window.
Method 2:
  • Multiple Selection can also be done by Attributes.
    • Turn on the Attributes from which you want to select
    • Click "+" to add that Attribute to the Selection
    • Click "-" to remove that Attribute to the Selection

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Cancel allows you to exit the current Editing Tool you are using.

  • Hit Esc on your keyboard to Cancel.

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