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Editing Shapes

Editing Shapes

This help section covers the various methods for editing shapes within Onuma. Generally, a shape in Onuma is any polygonal object, i.e. sites, buildings, spaces etc.


Reshape, Dimension & Drag

  • Before you can use the following shape editing methods you must toggle on Reshape by clicking reshape.jpg
  • To move space toggle on Drag by clicking drag.jpg
  • To edit by dimension or angle toggle on Dimensions by clicking editdim.jpg
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Locking and Unlocking Editing on a Single Shape

Occasionally, you may want to lock editing on a single shape or a group of shapes, e.g. you might want to lock your site so you do not accidentally select it and move it while trying to edit your buildings.

Method 1:

  • Select the shape(s) and type hotkey L to lock or unlock the shape(s)

Method 2:


  • Select the shape(s) by double-click
  • This will open the settings box for the shape(s)
  • Here you have the option to lock or unlock the shape
  • Change your setting as needed and click save

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Edit Points


To Edit with Points:

  • Clicking anywhere on the shape while in edit mode and with reshape toggled on will make the edit points appear
  • Edit points are small red dots
  • Click on the red dot to edit
  • Hold down Alt as you edit to release orthogonal editing
  • Add additional edit points by clicking on the blue cross
  • Remove edit points by clicking on the red X

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Edit by Stretching


To Edit by Stretching:

  • Select the shape while in edit mode and with reshape toggled on
  • Hoover over the edge line of the shape
  • The side while become a bold black line
  • Click and drag the line

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Create and Edit Curves


To Create Curves in Onuma:

  • While in edit mode and with reshape toggled on, manipulate edit points to create a line segment on your polygon with its edit points corresponding to the start and end point on your curve.
  • Now hold down Alt and click on the line segment
  • This makes that line segment into an editable curve
  • Click and drag the curved segment to edit by stretching it to your desired curve size.
    Note: A polygon in Onuma that contains a curve disables the ability to edit by dimension. The Dimension that is displayed next to the curve is the distance between the curve's start point and end point.

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Edit by Dimension & Angle


Edit by Dimension:

  • While in edit mode and with dimensions toggled on, click on a dimension
  • Enter new dimension (use "-" to separate feet and inches, example: 42'-3")
  • Shape will adjust to new dimension by stretching the whole shape from the anchor behind the black arrow, unless you select:
    • Anchor in Front of Arrow: stretches shape from anchor point in front of the black arrow
    • Move Point Only: Moves only the point opposite from the anchor point you selected

Edit by Angle:

  • While in edit mode and with rdimension toggled on, click on the dimension
  • Select the Angle tab
  • Enter the new angle to rotate the entire shape with the anchor point you have selected being the center of rotation
  • See chart to understand angles in Onuma:

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Edit with Locked Area

In Onuma, you can lock the area of a shape to maintain your area while editing.
NOTE: Only rectangles and squares may be edited when area is locked!
  • While in edit mode and with reshape toggled on, click on the Lock Area Icon in the graphical UI to Lock Area
  • When Area is Locked, LOCKED AREA will appear in bold red on the graphical UI
  • Editing in this mode is done ONLY by Edit Points
  • To unlock area, click on the Unlock Area Icon
    See Example Below


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Edit with Guidelines and Snap


Allows you to select a line and use it as a guideline or snap.

  • While in edit mode and with reshape toggled on, select an Edit Point on a line or polygon
  • A temporary blue Guideline will appear along the axis of the line(s)
  • When dragging ( drag.jpg) or reshaping an object, its edit point(s) will snap to a guideline when they're in range
  • To disable snap: click on ton.jpg or hot key T to disable snap
  • To enable snap: click on toff.jpg or hot key T to enable snap

To make the temporary Guideline Permanent:

  • Move along the guideline and click on the star in the blue circle
  • The guideline will turn red indicating it as permanent
  • To remove: go to the red guideline and click the X in the blue circle


To create an offset of your guideline or display the angle of the guideline:

  • Click on the Blue circle but not the Star or X
  • A dialog box will appear, here you can:
    • See the angle of the guideline
    • Multiply the Guideline:
      • Set the number of copies
      • Set the increment of the offset
        NOTE: the offset will go in the direction on which you clicked within the blue circle
  • Use on perpendicular guidelines to create grids (or non-perpendicular if you want a grid made of parallelograms)!

Guidelines can allow be toggled on or off by clicking the guideline toggle:


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2012-09-28 12:08:17

User Comments
Note: Questions and comments posted here are visible to all users who have access to Onuma.

This user-feedback window is a great idea! -DT [DT - 5/13/08]

Q. It appears that you can only snap to one reference line at a time. How about having the ability to snap to an intersection of two guidelines? [AB - 9/16/09]

A. Excellent suggestion! This is now a feature in OPS, also new with guidelines are their ability to offset and display their angle when you click in the blue circle, but not on the yellow star or X! [AH - 10/14/09]

Is it possible to lock the guidelines? [M - 7/1/10]

A. Guidelines cannot be locked but they can be set to permanent. A permanent guideline will last until it is deleted. Please read the section "To make the temporary Guideline Permanent" in the Edit with Guidelines and Snap section. [AH - 7/1/10]

[NA - 1/3/14]