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Building Comparison

Building Comparison


This feature is compares Building Reports between buildings on a single or multiple schemes. When used for multiple schemes you can also compare Site Reports.

How to View Report

While in a Scheme:
  • Go to Reports
  • Select Building Comparison

While in the Project List:

  • Select schemes you wish to compare by placing check mark in box next to scheme name
  • Go to Compare
  • Select buildings and choose to compare site or buildings

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To find schemes for reporting purposes it is helpful to use Tags to sort your Project List.

To create a Private Tag:

  • While on your Project List, place a check in the box next to schemes that would fall into a certain tag, for example you might have a Tag called "Active" for schemes you are currently working on; or another Tag called "Urban" and another called "Rural" so that when you sort using tags for comparison purposes you can keep things in an even perspective.
  • After you check schemes to go into a tag, select Modify tags of selected scheme(s)
  • Name your new tag
  • Click Attach Private Tag

You have now create and assigned a Private Tag! You can now use Set Filter to choose a tag and filter schemes by tags.

To remove a Private Tag from a scheme(s):

  • Select the scheme(s) you want to untag
  • Go to Modify tags of selected scheme(s)
  • Select the red X
  • A pop-up will ask you to confirm, click OK to confirm deletion or Cancel to cancel

To delete a Private Tag:

  • Select any scheme
  • Go to Modify tags of selected scheme(s)
  • Select Existing Tag
  • Choose Tag you wish to delete from the pull down
  • Then click the red X next to the pulldown menu to delete the tag
  • A pop-up will ask you to confirm, click OK to confirm deletion or Cancel to keep tag

Public Tags:
Note: Public Tags do not affect viewing and editing privileges to a scheme. If you have not shared your scheme, regardless of the Public Tag you have created or used, your scheme will remain unshared.

  • You can make your Private Tag a Public Tag for all users in the studio to see and use the tag
  • After creating and assigning a tag to a scheme select Publish
  • Your new Public Tag will appear in the Tag Group User Tags
  • This while allow other users to use the tag and sort by it
  • Public Tags can NOT be deleted

Note: Certain Onuma Users have higher access privileges and can use Studio Settings to create Public Tag Groups. These tags can be grouped - each group can contain multiple tags. Private Tags that are pushed to become public by the individual users make up one of the groups called User Tags.

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Data in a Building Report and a Site Report

The data in both a Building Report and a Site Report review the same data points:
  • Site Information
  • Building Information
  • Building Areas
  • Building Occupancy
  • Utilities Summary
  • O & M Cost Summary
  • Site Irrigation

The main difference is that a Building Report focuses on a single building and a Site Report totals areas and costs based on all buildings you select to add to the report.

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Where to Edit Data Contained in the Report

To edit the data in the reports, first be in Edit Mode and then go to Settings:
  • In Building Settings, you can adjust the area calculation method, occupancy settings, utility cost data, O & M Costs as well as change the name of the building
  • In Site Settings, you may change your site name and irrigation settings
  • Pictures of buildings are added to the report directly; click the browse button to find a photo and then click upload
  • Estimated building cost on a Site Comparison report is found in Building Settings under Cost Est (Note: When double clicking on a building and going to the Attributes menu and changing the Construction Status, this also changes the cost est automatically. You may adjust the cost est this way, or by going to the settings as described before this note.)
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