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Sketching in Onuma

Sketching In Onuma


The ability to sketch out your ideas has now been added to Onuma, go ahead and roll out a digital sheet of trace!

Sketching Lines and Polygons

  • To Sketch in Onuma:
    • Unlock the sketch layer by clicking locked.jpg (hot key S)
    • Select Sketch Button addsketch.jpg (hot key A) to Add Sketch
    • Begin sketching using your mouse to select points
    • End your sketch by:
      • For a line double click your last point
      • For a polygon click on your first click
    • When you are finished sketching, click unlock.jpg to lock the sketch layer (hot key S)

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Editing Sketches

When editing sketches in Onuma, remember to be in Edit Mode and to unlock the sketch layer.

  • Editing a sketch's geometry:
  • Editing a sketch's location:
  • Editing a sketch's name or appearance:
    • Ctrl + click or double click on the sketch's label to open a dialog box that allows you to:
      • Change the sketch name
      • Check to display text parallel to line
      • Change opacity
      • Change line thickness
      • Change colors of fill and lines
      • Change line style
      • Leave a comment
    • Click Save when you are finished editing


  • Deleting a sketch:
    • Click to select the skecth you wish to delete and press Delete or Backspace on your keyboard OR
    • Open the Sketches And Annotations menu
    • Select the check box next to the sketch you wish to delete
    • Click the trash can icon to delete
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Converting Sketches

While in Edit Mode, sketches on the Site Plan can be converted into various site objects. Once sketches are converted you gain the ability to add attributes and set time settings.


  • Lock the sketch layer to save new sketches
  • Click the pencil icon next to the sketch you want to convert
  • Sketches can be converted into:
    • Polygons:
      • Parking / Roadway
      • Construction Pad
      • Parcel / Lot
      • Building
    • Lines:
      • Utility Lines
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User Comments
Note: Questions and comments posted here are visible to all users who have access to Onuma.

Q. The pencil is not visible next to the check box [TT - 1/6/10]

A. Make sure that you are in edit mode and on the site plan to convert sketches. [AH - 1/6/10]