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Background Settings

Background Settings

Onuma has the capability of enabling users to place a image in the background to aide in the process of developing schemes and sites. For example, on the building level you could:

  1. Upload an image background
  2. Use this background image to fit a building floor and spaces
  3. Turn off the background image and just view the Floor Plan



  • Background Images can be applied at the site, floor, and/or space plan on the right control panel under Background Setting
  • Onuma Background Images accepts ONLY the following image file formats: JPG, GIF, and PNG

This help section covers:

Loading Background Images


  • Go to Background Settings on the right Control Panel
  • Click Browse next to Upload Background
  • Name the Background
  • Click Upload

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Viewing Background Images

To view the background image select Background Setting and select an image from the pull-down menu

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Editing Background Images

To edit the background image:

  • First, select Unlock on the Background Setting bar to enter background image editing (hot key B)

  • Then edit by Scaling the image with reference points:
    • Click on and Drag to move one point of the background image next to a first point of reference (red to red)
    • Hit hot key K and click on the first point of reference (red)
    • Click and hold the next point of the background image to be aligned (blue)
    • Drag that point to a second point of refrence (blue to blue)
    • Release mouse click to finish scaling
Image Scaling Example

  • Additional Background Image Editing tools:
    • Hot key R to Rotate

  • Click on Lock on the backgound Setting bar to exit background image editing (hot key B)

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Preloaded Map Backgrounds

When you Georeference your site in Onuma, the aerial image of your site will automatically show up as your background image. This image is scaled and oriented to North correctly (or at least as correct as Google Earth/ESRI have their image).


The Map Background can be set as follows:


  • Google Map:
    • Blank
    • Street Map
    • Satellite Image
    • Hybrid Map
  • ESRI
    • World Street
    • Imagery
    • Imagery with Labels
    • USA Topo Map
    • Topographic
    • World Light Gray Base
  • None, turns off the Background (This can also be done by unchecking the Map checkbox)

Also, you may switch to the Map background to High Resolution (NOTE: In some locations, high resolution imagery is not available).

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ArcGIS Layers

For Onuma Studio and Enterprise users with an ArcGIS account, Onuma can link to your ArcGIS account. Please Contact Onuma for more details. For those of you participating in a BIMStorm where ArcGIS Layers are available; here is some information on their functionality:

ArcGIS Layers are turn on and off with their checkboxes:

Note: Turning on a lot of ArcGIS Layers will slow down loading time.

ArcGIS Layers can be transformed into Onuma objects, like buildings or site components:

  • First make sure the ArcGIS Layer is turned on
  • The go to Sketch


  • Create a boundary with the pen tool around the area you need transformed


  • Select the specific ArcGIS Layer you want to transform and click Next
  • Choose which Onuma object the ArcGIS Layer will become and click Add

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User Comments
Note: Questions and comments posted here are visible to all users who have access to Onuma.

Q. Is there a size constraint on background images uploaded? I am trying to upload a 91KB PNG of a floor plan and it has been "loading" for 15 minutes now. Does Onuma prefer one image format over another? Or is my background image too large? (91KB, original image was an 11x17 sheet size) [KK - 6/19/13]

A. Onuma does not have a preference on file type so long as it is a JPG, GIF, or PNG. Loading times will vary based on size and connection speeds. [AH - 7/19/13]