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Local Templates

Local Templates

'Space Templates' are preconfigured spaces with furniture and equipment that are typologically classified to rapidely build up floor plans.

There are two types of Space Templates in Onuma:

  • Global Templates which are set up by Onuma. They are available in the right panel at floor plan level. Onuma is continuously adding and updating these Global Templates.
  • Local Templates are templates that are specific to a single Onuma Studio. They can be added and modified by the administrator of a Studio or by an Editor user designated by the administrator.

In general Studios that don't have an administrator like 'Editor Pro Studio', 'Sandbox Studio', etc. there are no Local Templates. You may share your scheme privately with other users by setting up a User Group. The spaces in the shared scheme can then be used by this User Group similar to templates. Please send an inquiry to Onuma, Inc. if your group is interested in upgrading to a private Onuma Studio where you can manage your own local templates.

This help section covers:

Local Templates Set Up (Studio Admin)

As the Administrator for your Studio Group, you automatically have access to a User Group titled Template Creator. You can decide to add more Users to this group or you can just manage and create the Local Templates on your own. To learn more on User Groups see HERE.

You also have access to the Local Templates in a scheme named Studio Specific Space Templates at the bottom of your project list; this is where new templates for your studio are created.
Here's how:

  • Enter the scheme Studio Specific Space Templates
  • Create a building. Rename the building to reflect the typological classification of the spaces you intend to add to this building. The building name is what will be displayed in the pull-down menu.
  • Add a space, being as detailed as the template needs to be (i.e. adding furniture, space attributes, etc.)
  • Now this newly created template will be available for your studio on the space category pull down menu under Local Templates

If you want to add the optional thumbnail to your space templates as in the above example, here is how you would add them:

  • Once you finished to size and furnish the template space, zoom out until the space is approximately 80 x 80 pixels (about the size of a penny) and take a screen shot
    Note: one good free screen shot tool: Gadwin PrintScreen


  • If your screen shot tool allows you to draw a window around only the room (like Gadwin) you may skip this step; otherwise, open your screen shot in a photo editing program, and crop your screen shot down so you only have that thumbnail sized picture of the space template
  • Save the screen shot as a jpg named after the last set of ID=# numbers in the address bar of your browser when you are in that space


  • Attach the picture to the space by double-clicking on the space:


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Templates for Editor Pro Users

Since Editor Pro Users are bundled into the Editor Pro Studio, you may have noticed that there are a lot of people in your studio, for this reason we have changed how templates works. For example, a template that you need may not be something that everyone else in the studio needs; however, you might be working with 2 or 3 other Editor Pro Users and for this group you have a need for specific templates.

To do this you need to:

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