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Creating Projects

How to Create a New Project

  • Select Add New Project in the Onuma UI, this links you to Create Project interface shown below:


  • Name the project in Project Title
  • Add optional:
    • Project Number
    • Project Budget
    • Project Description
  • Click Proceed, the new project is added to the list of projects:


Notes on Projects

  • To edit project information such as title, project number, budget, and description, click the Project Settings Icon on the right-hand side of the project list. ScreenShot281.jpg
  • When a project contains no schemes, it may be deleted using the trash-can icon. emptyproject.jpg This icon will not appear on projects with schemes.
  • To learn how to create a schemes in the new project, see: Creating Schemes

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not showing templete option on create new project screen [TT - 3/16/10]