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Sharing Onuma Schemes

Sharing Onuma Schemes

For collaboration between you and your Onuma Studio members, or even other non-Onuma users; Onuma has built-in to Onuma various ways to share and send your Onuma Schemes.

Sharing Options


Sharing a Scheme: Sharing a scheme requires the user to click the share/unshare icon, shown with faces above; or when in a scheme, in edit mode, by clicking on Share toward the top right.

A face highlighted in yellow means it is currently shared and accessible to other studio users. A face dimmed in gray means it is currently not shared and only you can access the project. If a project is unshared, that project title will not appear visible to others users unless it is shared.

The options for sharing a scheme include:

  • Share with READ ONLY permission:
    • With all users in this Studio - Allows all other studio users to only view the scheme.
    • With the following User Groups - Allows only a select group of studio users to only view the scheme.
  • Share with READ/WRITE permission:
    • With all users in this Studio - Allows other studio users to view, edit, and modify the scheme.
    • With the following User Groups - Allows only a select group of studio users to view, edit, and modify the scheme.
      NOTE: To learn more about User Groups go to the bottom of the page.

Check your desired sharing options and click:

  • Save Settings - this allows you to see that your selected settings have been saved before you exit the page.
  • Save Settings and Close Window - this allows you to save the settings and close the window at the same time.

Additional Studio Options:

  • NOTE: Sharing on the Web Services Catalog and/or BIM On Demand feature several options:
    • "Public" gives access to the public, through the web site listed above. Use this option only if you are certain you would like to share your schemes with the world.
    • "Group Name" gives access only to those that have password access.
    • Background Color in Catalog: Color codes schemes so users can easily see specific schemes or groups of schemes in the Web Services Catalog.

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Sending Options


Sending a Scheme: Sending a scheme requires the user to click the send icon, shown with a letter above, located on the Project List page.

There are two options when sending a Scheme:

  • Send Scheme to other user of this Onuma Studio (duplicate or original) - Sends your scheme to another authorized user of that Onuma Studio.
    • NOTE:
      • Duplicate: Allows you to keep a copy for yourself
      • Original: Removes the Scheme from your project and removes your editing rights
  • Send Scheme to your own project in another Onuma Studio (duplicate) - Send a copy of your scheme to any of your projects in another Onuma Studio.

Choose your Option and hit Proceed or select Cancel to return to the project list page.

Next, fill in at least the following info:

  • Based on your option; select either the Studio User or the Studio to which you wish to send the scheme
  • Select the project you want to add the scheme to or create a new project
  • If you pick create a new project, fill in the project name
  • If sending the scheme to another user, check the Create A New Copy if you want to keep a copy of the scheme for yourself.
  • All other fields are optional
  • Click Proceed to send the scheme OR
  • Click Cancel to return to the send options page

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BIM Mail


BIM Mail allows you to send an email to people regarding your scheme and archives the emails as well.

  • First make sure your project is shared see above: Sharing Options
  • Next, while in your scheme, click BIM Mail toward the top right
  • Pick the recipient(s)
    Note: if you want to send to a specific group then the scheme needed to be shared to that group.
  • Then fill in the subject, content, and attachments, if any to the BIM Mail
  • Click on Send BIM Mail when you are done

To review sent BIM Mail go to the BIM Mail Archive which is located at the top of BIM Mail.

Once in the Archive you can sort you BIM Mail by:

  • Date
  • Sender
  • Subject

Sample of BIM Mail Archive

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User Groups

Do you find yourself constantly collaborating with the same group of people within your Onuma Studio? Onuma has created User Groups for that specific purpose.

To create a User Group:

  • Go to your Studio Page
  • Select the OPSstudioUsers.jpg User Icon
  • Click User Group
  • Click Add User Group
  • Enter your Group Name
  • Choose to Lock or Unlock the group (Lock means only you can add users to the group, unlock means any group user can add users to the group)
  • Click Add
  • Finally add studio users to your group

To edit a User Group:

  • As the Group Owner you may:
    • Select the pencil icon to rename, or lock/unlock the group
    • Select the red X to delete the group
    • Delete a studio user from your group by clicking the X next to the user's name
  • As a Group User in an unlocked group you may:
    • Add additional studio users to any unlocked group that you are part of by:
      • Clicking Add User
      • Selecting a studio user from the pull down menu
      • Then click Add User

To Share a scheme to an User Group:

  • See above: Sharing Options

Note: User Groups can also be accessed through the Accounts link at the top right once in your Onuma Studio

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