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Onuma Main Menu

Onuma Main Menu

This section of the Onuma Help Files will help you navigate through Onuma.

Navigating Onuma Studios

This is the Studios page of the Onuma System, where you will find a list of your available Onuma Studios:


From here, you may access an Onuma studio directly into the Project List by clicking on the Studio's Name

To see the other Onuma users in a studio click on the User Icon OPSstudioUsers.jpg
From here, you may edit your own Onuma Account by clicking on the Pencil Icon next to your name or you may also look at the data other users have input about themselves by clicking on their name:


On your Account Page you can edit the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company or Firm
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Location
  • Role/Position
  • A studio specific project narrative
  • Other Contact Data (Blog, Twitter, etc.)
  • Password
  • Subscription & Payment Information
  • Unsubscribe to Onuma Newsletters
  • Un-check boxes of information you do not wish to share with other users

From the Studios page you can also:

  • Important Notices
  • Read about New Features
  • Find Onuma Help
  • Log Out
  • Change Account Information
  • Report Bugs or Comment to Onuma, Inc.
  • Access Bookmarked Schemes
  • Check Onuma System Requirements
  • Read the Onuma End User License Agreement (EULA) & Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Read and Learn about Advanced Onuma Options
    • Balloon Display
    • ONUMA Connect
    • ONUMA File Web Services
  • Download Additional Onuma Tools
    • Templates:
      • MS Excel Import Template
      • Add-Equipment Template
      • COBIE Data Upload Template
    • Plug-ins:
      • Onuma SketchUp 8 Plug-in
      • Onuma Revit 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012 Plug-in
      • Onuma ArchiCAD 10, 13 or 14 Add-on
    • DDS Viewer to Convert IFC to BIMXML
  • Studio Admin Only: Access Studio Administration
    • Allows the Studio's Administrator to add and modify accounts for their studio.
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Navigating Onuma Project List

This is the Project List page, accessed by clicking on the Studio's Name:


This page contains these additional items:

  • About - Provides Stats and general information about the Onuma Studio
  • Studios - Takes you back to the Onuma Studio Selection page
  • Projects List - Takes you to the Project List page
  • Map View - Takes you to Map View page
  • Add a New Project - Adds a new project to the projects list
  • Studio Settings - Creates Tags and Geographic Filters to sort your Project List
  • Report on Selected Schemes - Creates various reports on selected scheme(s)
  • Compare - Lets you view side-by-side comparisons reports on selected schemes

Other project and scheme specific tasks that can be done on this page include:

  • View Project and Schemes
    • All
    • Favorites
    • Recent
    • Set Filter
    • Select all schemes
    • Modify Tags on a selected scheme(s)
  • Search for a Project or Scheme
  • Edit Projects Information
  • Delete Projects
  • Send/Share projects
  • Unlock after editing shared projects
  • Quickly access:
    • A Scheme
    • General Data of a Scheme
    • Scheme's Reports
    • Scheme's BIM Gallery
    • Export from a Scheme
    • Duplicate a Scheme
    • Delete a Scheme
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Onuma in Map View

This is the Map View page, accessed through Map View link on the studios page:


Here you can locate your scheme on a Google Map. On the right of this screen, you can view your scheme as well as schemes shared by other users of that Onuma Studio. Each link on the right represents a geographically located scheme in Google Maps. Clicking on any of these links will highlight its corresponding green placemark in Google Maps.

Navigating Map View


  • Map View Options
    Just click on Map, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain on the upper right of the Google Maps interface to change the map's background.


  • Zooming
    Users can zoom into schemes by clicking on the "+" or "-" buttons on the upper left of the Google Maps interface to zoom in and out to the location of the actual scheme or pan around with the directional buttons. If a specific scheme's green placemark is selected, zooming in or out will keep that selected scheme in view.


  • The Green Placemark
    Clicking on a scheme's Green Placemark opens up a menu containing two tab options for that scheme:


    • Site tab options:
      • Download Google Earth of Site in KML form: For Google Earth
      • Download GML standard (building envelope): For Land Explorer
      • Download GML spaces (envelope removed): For Land Explorer
      • Go to this scheme/site - Links to this scheme's site in Onuma
    • Building tab options:
      • Download IFC - For interoperable software--ArchiCAD, Revit, Bentley, etc.
      • Download KML - For Google Earth
      • Go to this Building - Links to this scheme's building in Onuma

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About Onuma Projects and Schemes

Projects and Schemes are Onuma's method of organizing your Onuma Studio. Use them in a way that works for your needs.

For Example: Projects can be used as the name implies, to identify a specific project and location, such as "Hotel on 5th Street", where Schemes within that project identify different studies or parts of the project on that location. Diversely, Projects can identify a specific program such as "New High School" without a specific location and the schemes within that project could be used as studies to evaluate that project in various locations. Or, Projects can also be used to manage a series of existing buildings, like "University of Southern California Existing Campus" and the schemes within that project could be each of the existing buildings within the campus.

There are four categories of Onuma Projects:


  • My Project: These projects, shown in a gray bar, can be viewed and edited by you. They cannot be seen by other users unless shared.
  • Shared Read Only: These projects, shown in gold, are schemes that can be viewed by other all users with access to your Onuma studio, but can only be edited by the owner.
  • Shared Read/Write: These projects, shown in green, are schemes that can be viewed and edited by all users with access to your Onuma studio.
  • Local Templates: These projects, shown in silver, can be viewed and duplicated by other all users with access to your Onuma studio, but can only be edited by the Studio Administrator.

Schemes are organized by levels:

  • Site Plan - This level accesses the whole site and allows you to see all the buildings at once
  • Floor Plan - This level accesses one building, one floor at a time and allows you to see the spaces in the building, on that floor.
  • Space Plan - This level accesses one space at a time and allows you to see all the furniture in that space.

Schemes may be sent using the send button to other individuals on the team, or even to another studio. Schemes can also be shared by using the share button in Onuma.

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