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Bugs and Comments

Bugs and Comments

Built within Onuma is a Bugs and Comments button. This has several advantages:

  • The comment is sent from within the area of your scheme that you were working on to help us respond specifically to your comment
  • Requests for new features can be sent in through the same link; we are constantly adding new features to Onuma and your request could be next
  • If the comment is related to a bug, we will respond and let you know (Typically you will get a response within hours on business days, depending on the time zone)
  • If the question is not related to a bug, we will review it for inclusion in future Webinars.
  • If you need immediate response to non-bug related issues, please use Paid Technical Support

Sending a Bugs and Comments Report

  1. From the page where you encountered the error or have a comment, press the ScreenShot570.jpg Bugs and Comments Button
  2. This window will pop up:
  3. Fill out the following:
    • Select your operating system from the pull down menu
    • Be as specific as possible in the text area, a good set of question to answer in the text area are:
      1. What were you trying to do?
      2. How did you try?
      3. What did you think was suppose to happen?
      4. How did it not happen?
    • Attach files that would be helpful for us to review, for example:
      • Attach any file that you wanted to upload or import that did not work (e.g. excel, BIMXML, etc.)
      • Attach any screenshots for additional clarification; like when you get error messages, find something you do not understand, get a blank page, find a typo, etc.
        NOTE: An excellent free tool for taking screenshots by drawing a window around the area in question is Gadwin Printscreen 4.5

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