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Getting Started

Getting Started

Prior to your first Login to Onuma, you will need

This section covers:

How to Login


  • Go to Onuma Login page
  • TIP: We recommend adding the Onuma Login page to your links, bookmarks, or favorites for easy access.
  • To Login Enter your:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Click Login
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How to Logout


  • To Logout of Onuma, simply click Log Out located on the top right side of the Onuma UI.

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Setting Up Your Account Profile

Create an Account Profile and select the information available for other Onuma Users to see about you.

  • Log on to Onuma
  • Select Account or click on OPSstudioUsers.jpg Studio User Icon and select the pencil Icon next to your name


  • This accesses your Account Profile
  • Here you can:
    • Add a photo of yourself
    • Edit your username
    • Enter your real name
    • Add contact information (phone, address, website)
    • Add your role in the Studio
    • Add your social networking information
    • Select check boxes to show information to other Studio Users
    • Edit your password
    • Opt-out from receiving emails from Onuma
  • Remember to select Save Changes when you are finished editing!

The results would be like this (without the blur effect, of course!):


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Additional Help for your Onuma Account

Username and Password Questions

  • What if I:
    • I don't have an Onuma Username or Password? Sign Up for an Onuma Account
    • I forgot my password? Click on Forgot Password? on the Onuma Login page.
    • I want to change my password? Click the OPSstudioUsers.jpg Studio Users Icon on your Onuma Studio Page or on Account on the top right, find your name, and click on the Pencil Edit Icon enter your old password, enter your new password, re-enter your new password to confirm and hit save changes
    • I forgot my username? Contact Us
    • I get an error or I am otherwise unable to Login? Contact Us
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Payment Information and Subscription Cancellations Questions

  • How do I update my payment information? Click on Account on the Onuma Studio Page, at the bottom of the window you'll see the "Update payment information" link, click it and follow the on screen directions

  • What if I want to cancel my subscription to Onuma?
    • Click on Account in the upper right on the Onuma Studio Page
    • At the bottom of the pop-up window you'll see the Cancel subscription link
    • Click Cancel Subscription
    • Another window will appear asking if you are sure you want to cancel
    • Click Confirm Cancel Subscription to cancel your Onuma subscription
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