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Onuma to Revit 2011/2012

Onuma to Revit 2011/2012


ONUMA, Inc. is committed to open standards exchanges. At the same time we want to give access to other options. So, we created a plugin for Revit 2011/2012 that manages spaces to the furniture and equipment level. This added functionality allows you to enjoy a rapid planning & design process using Revit 2011/2012 and Onuma. Keep in mind since you are only dealing with SPACES, SLABS and EQUIPMENT in Onuma, you can very quickly test numerous schemes in Onuma before exporting to Revit and modeling the more detailed components such as doors, windows, roofs, etc. Your building is also available in a wide variety of other file formats in Onuma.

This Help file covers:

Onuma Revit 2011/2012 Plugin Advanced Features

Wall Choice
  • Now when importing a building from Onuma into Revit you can now choose between:
    • Room Separation Lines OR
    • Walls
      NOTE: Walls are inserted on the center line and as such reduce your space area, to maintain area, please select room separation lines.

Import of Space Attributes

  • When importing a building from Onuma into Revit, all space attributes are inserted into the Revit model as well. You can even create color schemes for the plans in Revit that are based on the same attributes as the color schemes in Onuma. When updating (see below) a model in Revit with a re-exported file from Onuma, you can update all space attributes that changed in Onuma.

Updating Feature

  • There are two BIMXML Imports in Onuma:
    • Site Plan level import creates a New Building (same as our 2010 plugin)
    • Building Plan level import Updates a building with any changed spatial information (floors, spaces, furniture, placement, size, rotation, etc.) from the Revit model

The Import screen for updating

NOTES on Updating:

    • Updating can only be done with the same building (i.e. a building previously exported from Onuma; obviously, the building can also originate in Revit, then imported into Onuma, then again exported to Revit (updating the Revit model - see above) and then again updating the building in Onuma. You can go many times back and forth as long as it is the same building, i.e. floors, spaces, and furniture have the same Global Unique ID (GUID).
    • When you edit a scheme in Onuma and take that to update a Revit building ONLY attributes and newly added spaces will update in Revit -- you can not update furniture or area in Onuma to Revit.
    • When you edit a Revit building and take that to update an Onuma scheme ONLY area, furniture and newly added spaces will update in Onuma -- you can not update attributes in Revit to Onuma.

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Onuma Revit 2011/2012 Plugin Setup

First, download and upzip either:


  • Double Click Setup.exe
  • Start page; click Next >
  • License Agreement; read agreement, select I Agree, click Next >
  • Select Installation Folder; the installer will install the plugin in C:Program FilesOnumaRevit-Onuma Vxxx, if you would like a different folder, select browse; choose whether the installation will be for yourself or anyone that uses the computer and click Next >
  • Confirm Installation; click Next >
  • Installation Complete; click Close to exit

After Launching Revit, go to the Add-Ins tab which now contains Onuma.


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Going from Revit 2011/2012 to Onuma

Note: To import your Revit model into Onuma, the model must contain:

  • At least one FLOOR SLAB for each level.


  • A ROOM in each space you wish to import into Onuma.


Next, select Add-Ins > Revit-Onuma Plug-in > Export BIMXML and follow the instructions onscreen.


Now, enter your Onuma scheme and make sure you are in edit mode on the Site Plan.

Select Import; choose: Import BIMXML from Revit, Version: Revit 2011/2012, Browse for your file and click Import


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Going from Onuma to Revit 2011/2012

In your Onuma scheme, select Export; select building and select: Export BIMXML for Revit, Version: Revit 2011/2012, select your furniture and origin options, and click Export


Now open Revit 2011/2012.

Select Add-Ins > Revit-Onuma Plug-in > Import BIMXML


Choose your options and click Import

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Known Issues

  1. During import of a building, Revit places the "Room Tag" on the local origin of that individual room/space. In Onuma, it is possible to have local origins of rooms outside of the rooms or spaces but in Revit this is not possible. In Onuma you can move the Space Label which will also move the local origin into the space, but if you do not do this, Revit might show the following "Warnings" during import:
    1. "Room Tag is outside of its Room." You can move these Room Tags after finishing the import.
    2. "Multiple Rooms are in the same enclosed region." You can move those Rooms after finishing the import into their proper regions.
  2. The Plugin will use a Family called OPS-generic for Objects that are not available in the Plugin family library. The Type names will contain the original name of the object and its size. The placement in the plan might not always correspond exactly to the object in Onuma due to variations in the placement point of different objects.
  3. When importing a building from ONUMA to Revit, the names of all the LEVELS (Stories) created in Revit will correspond to the names of the Stories in the original ONUMA building. All building elements (ROOMS, ROOM TAGS, Furniture, etc.) will also be placed on the LEVEL that corresponds with the original building in ONUMA. Therefore, to see all the elements that belong to a particular Story, be sure to select the name of the correct LEVEL in Revit. If default LEVELS existed in a new Revit file before importing a building from ONUMA for the first time, users may decide to discard these LEVELS if they are not being used.
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User Comments
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