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DDS Viewer to Convert IFC

DDS Viewer to Convert IFC to BIMXML

When working in an Industry Foundation Class (IFC) compliant BIM application, you can save or export out an IFC and use the DDS-CAD Viewer to convert the IFC to a BIMXML for use with the Onuma System.

A note for Mac users: DDS-CAD Viewer is a windows platform, if you have an IFC file that needs to be converted please use Bugs and Comments to contact us.

Install DDS-CAD Viewer

First, download the DDS-CAD Viewer and unzip the file. The DDS-CAD Viewer and can also be downloaded from the DDS Website or the Onuma Studios Page.

Then install the DDSViewer.exe program on your computer.

Please note: DDS-CAD Viewer is the property of Data Design Systems and as such Onuma can't provide support for the installation of DDS-CAD Viewer. Please contact Data Design Systems with any issues regarding installation of the DDS-CAD Viewer.

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Export BIMXML from DDS Viewer

First, open DDS-CAD and go to File > Open IFC file


After the IFC has opened, right-click on the building in the tree view on the left and select Export bimXML (ER_Onuma)


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Import BIMXML into Onuma

While in Edit Mode open the Importer and choose Import BIMXML from DSS Viewer


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