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Onuma to Revit 2009

Onuma to Revit 2009


ONUMA, Inc. is committed to open standards exchanges. At the same time we want to give access to other options. So, we created a plugin for Revit 2009 that manages spaces to the furniture and equipment level. This added functionality allows you to enjoy a rapid planning & design process using Revit 2009 and Onuma. Keep in mind since you are only dealing with SPACES, SLABS and EQUIPMENT in Onuma, you can very quickly test numerous schemes in Onuma before exporting to Revit and modeling the more detailed components such as doors, windows, roofs, etc. Your building is also available in a wide variety of other file formats in Onuma.

This Help file covers:

Onuma Revit 2009 Plugin Setup

First, download the Onuma Revit Plugin and unzip the file. Follow the instructions to install RevitOnuma_SetupVxxx.exe


After Launching Revit, you will now see an Onuma pulldown menu in the Revit Menu Bar.

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Going from Revit 2009 to Onuma

Note: To import your Revit model into Onuma, the model must contain:

  • At least one FLOOR SLAB for each level.
  • A ROOM in each space you wish to import into Onuma.

Next, select Onuma > Revit-Onuma Plugin > Export BIMXML and follow the instructions onscreen.


Now, enter your Onuma scheme and make sure you are in edit mode on the Site Plan.

Select Import and click Onuma BIMXML for Revit Version: Revit 2009

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Going from Onuma to Revit 2009

In your Onuma scheme, select Export and Onuma BIMXML for Revit Version: Revit 2009

Now open Revit 2009.

Select Onuma > Revit-Onuma Plugin > Import BIMXML


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