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BIM on Demand

BIM on Demand

Onuma is BIM on Demand. Enter data into a spreadsheet, and quickly get cost, location and square footage reports that aid in powerful decision-making. Use it as a way to determine programming requirements for a multi-story office building quickly. Export the same data through Onuma Studio to automatically create BIM. Such a powerful tool at your finger tips.

BIM on Demand consists of two parts and is available for Studio Users:

BIM Reports

Allows anyone that knows the User Group and Password to access reports from the User Group's Studio Scheme that are shared with BIM on Demand.
(See Sharing Options for help on Sharing Schemes)

Reports are pull at two levels:

  • Site
  • Building

Site Report Include:

  • Site Plan
  • Scheme Cost Summary
  • Google Earth KMZ export of scheme
  • BIM Gallery consisting of attached files, comments, links, and images, as well as preset views

Building Reports Include:

  • Floor plans from Onuma
  • Building Cost Estimate
  • Space Report
  • Energy Report
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BIM Requests

BIM Requests can be detailed or simple. They can be used by anyone that has the password for a user group. BIM request are excellent for urban massing charrettes, as well as client interaction. Your client could directly upload his POR to your Onuma Studio and begin to pull Onuma Reports on his BIM Request.

BIM Request Detailed Instructions:

  1. Download the Excel Template to create a BIM Request.
  2. Add at least the required information (fields with yellow background) into the Excel file
  3. Save file as CSV (comma-delimited text file)
  4. Pick the User Group
  5. Enter the Password for that User Group

Additionally you may add a KML polygon from Google Earth to Georeference your site by:

  • Draw a polygon over the piece of property in Google Earth. Right-clicking on the polygon in Google Earth lets you save the polygon as a KML file to your desktop. (note: switch to "save as KML" and not KMZ)

(More on Google Earth Here)

BIM Request Simple Instructions:

  1. Enter the Project's Name
  2. Enter the GSF
  3. Enter the total floors
  4. Pick the User Group
  5. Enter the Password for that User Group

Optionally you may add to this Simple Request:

  1. 20 Spaces with information like:
    • Floor Number
    • Space Name
    • Space Number
    • Space Area
    • Department
  2. KML Polygon
  3. Project Information
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