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About Onuma WFS

Onuma Web Feature Services (WFS) Catalog

The Onuma Web Feature Services Catalog provide you with access to the most up-to-date schemes shared by other users in different Studios of the Onuma System, provided you know that usergroup's password. Users can download different files anytime, anywhere with a live internet connection to check the progress or review developing schemes.

Access and Interface


The Web Feature Services Catalog can be accessed at the Onuma website under Web Services.

The top portion of the Web Feature Services Catalog follows the Map View (explained in the link, under section: Onuma in Map View) interface enabling users to geographically locate a specific user group's schemes globally.

To share your Onuma Feature Scheme to the WFS see Sharing Onuma Schemes

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How to use WFS


  1. Specify the User Group In this example, the pull-down user group "Figueroa" is selected (Groups are password protected by the Administrator of each Studio)
  2. Schemes listed in a User Group are default in a "Whole World" Bounding Box and can be narrowed down by using a different Bounding Box (explained in link)
  3. Downloading - Schemes in the Bounding Box will be represented at the bottom of the screen and are organized by colors preset by the scheme owners
    • Files can be downloaded for whole scheme:
      • City_GML.jpg GML standard or GML spaces for Land Explorer
      • GE.jpg KML for Google Earth users
    • Or for individual buildings:
      • Excel.jpg Excel
      • IFC
      • GE.jpg KML for Google Earth users
      • Excel.jpg COBie Spreadsheet for Excel
      • BIMXML
  4. Specific KML Selection - Boxes can be checked to download one or more schemes as a single Network KML to view in Google Earth as:


  • Sites and Buildings which also includes additional data selection:
    • Objects:
      • Site Polygon
      • Parcels / Lots
      • Building Volume
      • Floor Slab
      • Space Volume
      • Sketches
    • Site Color Coding
    • Building Color Coding
    • Space Color Coding
    • Refresh Interval
  • Zoning w/ extruded Sites

In this example, KMLs were selected and exported as Sites and Buildings Network KML with space volume checked and Space Color Coding departments selected; thus these locations, with slabs and department color-coded spaces were opened simultaneously in one Network KML file in Google Earth:

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