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BIM Gallery

BIM Gallery

The BIM Gallery allows you to selectively share pretty much any part of your scheme and its data with clients and/or business partners that do not have an Onuma account; so long as they have access to the internet!

The BIM Gallery can be accessed on the project list through the BIMGalleryicon.jpg Gallery Icon, in your scheme through BIMGalleryword.jpg BIM Gallery link, or by BIM on Demand. It is a quick way to access and see your schemes and an additional way to share your project.

To use BIM Gallery you will need to know how to:

Create and Curate a BIM Gallery

  • Type in the name of your gallery and click + to add a BIM Gallery
    • You may add several BIM Galleries each with their own focus and privileges or managed as a group


  • Gallery Group:
    • When you set up multiple galleries you can put some or all of them into a Gallery Group. For example, let's say you create the following galleries: Apartment 1, Apartment 2, Overview, Contractor 1, and Contractor A. Now you set up galleries: Apartment 1, Apartment 2, and Overview as a Gallery Group to send to the city planning committee. Whereas the other two galleries are sent to competing contractors for bids. This is what they would see:


  • Set up Privileges
    • Pick your security level:
      • Public: Anyone has the link to the gallery will be able to access the gallery
      • Password required: Anyone with link and password may access the gallery
      • Onuma account required: Anyone with link and an Onuma account may access the gallery
    • Choose the default page for the gallery:
      • Map View
      • Images (image set up must be done first, see below)
      • Live Plans (Live plans set up must be done first, see below)
    • This page also contains the gallery's link that you may copy to share your gallery
  • Select Scheme
    • Now when you set up a BIM Gallery you have the option to pull data from another scheme. Each Gallery can pull data from only one scheme; however with Gallery Groups you can present multiple galleries each pulling their data from a different scheme. So for example: Say you are working on a military contract and you set up a Project where each Scheme focused on a separate building like: Barracks, Commissary, and Officer's Club. Then the military would like to see your current progress, you may be in any scheme and set up three galleries (each pulling from a separate scheme) and create a gallery group to send the military one link where they may access data from each separate scheme.
    • First click schemes and select from the list and save
    • Now selected schemes are added to the pull down menu


  • Set up Live Plans
    • These are your Preset Views
    • Check which Live Plans you want in the gallery and save
  • Set up Reports/Exports
    • These Reports are generated from Onuma and most can be modified in your scheme's settings
    • Exports include:
      • IFC
      • BIMXML for Revit
      • BIMXML for Sketchup
      • COBIE2
      • Occupants
  • Set up Files/Images
    • These are from your Attachments
    • Check which Files/Images you want in the gallery and save
  • Set up Comments
    • These are from your Attachments
    • Check which Comments you want in the gallery and save

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Set Up Preset Views


Preset Views save your exact view, including the map setting, the attribute settings (color) and the font size. The unique thing about preset views is that they are NOT snapshots of your project but rather live feeds from your project, and when viewing in a BIM Gallery, you can zoom, pan and see any recent changes to that preset view.

To set up a preset view:

  • Make sure you are in Edit Mode
  • Go to the area you want to be a preset view
  • Zoom, pan, change map and attribute settings to your liking
  • GO to Preset View
  • Title the Preset View
  • Click Save Current View

This view will now be added to your Preset View Section and BIM Gallery.

You may also share this project to BIM on Demand which will enable URL links when setting up preset views. These URL links can be added to an email where a non-onuma user can access these links without any password. This method of sharing with other people is unlimited.

Example of URL and Links that show up when an Onuma User shares with BIM on Demand.

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Add Attachments

An attachment to an Onuma scheme is a way to maintain data associated to a project at your fingertips. Provided that you have internet access, you could read through your client's comments from your last meeting, pull up a file (be it a pdf or complete Construction Documents), or review images of sketches and renderings, the choices are endless, and available to you.

Attachments are:

  • Text Comments
  • Files (pdf, doc, xls, skp, rvt, the list goes on)
  • Images (png, jpg, gif)

Create Attachments by:

  • Opening a scheme
  • Double-click on the Site, Buildings, Spaces, or Components to attach comments, images, and files to any of these elements.


  • Select the Attachment Tab in the pop up window. There you can:
    • Title your comment or link
    • Leave a text comment
    • Add a file and title the file
  • When finished click Add Comment/Upload File

Once attached, files can be viewed directly in attachment tab of the respective element or all combined in Reports > Attachments for buildings or entire sites.

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