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Onuma Importer

Onuma Importer

Part of being data centric is not only the ability to retain data, but also to add and edit that information quickly. For that purpose, there is the Onuma Importer.

This Help file covers:


To access the Onuma Importer on your Onuma Scheme:
  • Be in Edit Mode, select Import/Export and click Import

Files can be imported to Onuma on two levels:

  • Site Level


  • Building Level


At any time you may click on the Description link on the top right to read more information about each option in the Importer.

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Site Level Imports

Create Buildings

Import buildings using the following site import options:

  • Onuma BIMXML from:
    • ArchiCAD
    • Revit
    • SketchUp
    • DDS Viewer
      • DDS Viewer can convert IFC files to BIMXML. It can be downloaded from Onuma Studios page.
    • Onuma System BIMXML Converter
    • SQLite
    • XML from Magic Plan
      • XML files exported from floor plans created with the iPhone/iPad App ‘Magic Plan’ by Sensopia.
  • Import New Building and Spaces with Spreadsheet
    • Create a new building from the Excel Space Template. Note: Spreadsheet can either be exported from another building or downloaded from the ONUMA Studio page

Update / Modify Multiple Buildings

  • Excel: Update Building Attributes
    • Import file must be based on “Export Building Attributes (Excel) - All Buildings” (see Exporter)
  • Excel: Update Floor Attributes
    • Import file must be based on “Export Floor Attributes - All Buildings” (see Exporter). Update Floor Heights, Elevations, and Ground Floor specification.
  • Excel: Update Building Configuration Audit Information Update Space Attributes for all Buildings
    • Import file must be based on “Export Space Attributes (Excel/CSV) - All Buildings” (see Exporter) Update Space Attributes. Move spaces to different floors or buildings. Add new spaces. (Note: moved spaces land in the same position relative to the building origin)

Import/Update Site Components

  • Import from Google Earth
    • Import Placemarks, Polylines, and Polygons as Site Components (and Buildings).
  • Update Trees Information
    • Import file must be based on “Export Trees Information” (see Exporter).
  • Updage Site Components Attributes
    • Import file must be based on “Export Site Component Attributes” (see Exporter).
  • Update Start / End Dates of Buildings and Site Components
    • Import file must be based on “Export Start / End Dates” (see Exporter). Will create 4D-timelines when imported to Google Earth

Update / Modify GIS Layers

  • Excel: Update GIS Layers

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Building Level Imports

Update Spaces (Rooms) using the following building import options:
NOTE: ALL imports in this section need to be made with their corresponding files from the Exporter!

  • Import BIMXML from Revit
    • This import is intended to UPDATE a building in Onuma that was either created with a previous import or was previously exported to Revit (Please use the import at site level if you need to import a new building).
  • Import/Update Space Attributes
  • Update Space Relationships
  • Import/Update Space Use Schedules
    • Manage use of spaces (e.g. class schedules, lighting schedule, etc.). Import additional worksheets to create new Space Use Schedules that can be viewed in color-coded plans.

Update / Import Other Facility Data using the following building import options:

  • Update Unique Components (FF&E, Windows, etc.)
  • Import/Update Component Types
    • Update Attributes of Component Types (such as “window type”, “sink type”, etc.)
  • Import/Update Contacts Information
  • Import/Update Documents Information
  • Import Components (FF&E, Windows, etc.)
    • Use the template downloaded from the ONUMA Studio Page to add new Components (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Windows, Doors, etc.) to specified spaces.

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User Comments
Note: Questions and comments posted here are visible to all users who have access to Onuma.

Q. What format do you have to use to import site component attributes? [MB - 1/24/11]

A. The same format from export, namely CSV. To learn a lot more about Site Component Attributes see: https://www.onuma.com/manuals/SiteComponents.php [AH - 1/24/11]

Q. Type(Family)Import note above states "Imports COBIE Data". This import tool is to only import Type data from the OS Types template and not from an entire COBie data set, correct? <br /> [MM - 2/1/11]

A. "Type" information can be imported when Updating FFE data OR with the above mentioned "Type" import. Type information is also being imported when importing a COBIE file that contains Type data. [TD - 2/1/11]