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Bounding Boxes

Bounding Boxes

A Bounding Box is a geographically selected region used to scan whether or not a selected area of land in Google Maps has an Onuma schemes.

Searching with Bounding Boxes

The WFS server enables these searches in three ways:

  1. Use one of the presets to set the Bounding Box values
  2. Upload a KML File from Google Earth to define the bounding box either by
    • Bounding Box -OR-
    • Polygon
  3. Enter the values for two corners of the Bounding Box manually (default set to "Whole World")

Uploading a KML file into the WFS

  • Bounding Box
Take note of the two opposite placemarks created in Google Earth. The red box is displayed only to give a visual idea of the area the two placemarks are encompassing
    • In Google Earth, use two Placemarks to mark opposite corners of a box
    • Placemarks need to be placed in a New Folder
    • Saved that folder as a KML file
    • Upload the KML
    • Login to a usergroup

  • Polygon
    • In Google Earth, create a new Polygon
    • Save out Polygon as a KML file
    • Go to the Polygon Catalog
    • Upload KML
    • Login to a usergroup

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