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How to Participate in BIMStorm™ Vancouver

  • Anyone can participate in the BIMStorm™. No technology expertise or knowledge of BIM is required.
  • If you want to "Play" there are three options to get involved.

Option 1 - Attend the GeoWeb Conference

  • Attend the GeoWeb Conference in Vancouver on July 22, 2008 and attend the hands on BIMStorm Workshop. Here you will learn first hand how to be part of the BIMStorm.
    • If you register for the GeoWeb Conference and attend, you will be provided access to Onuma to be able to start learning about how to BIMStorm prior to attending the conference, or you can also attend the workshop at the conference and learn first hand.
  • A hypothetical program that was developed for the London BIMStorm will be used.
  • A hypothetical mixed use re-development of the Vancouver waterfron. A mixed use development where people may live, work, play and prosper together in a genuine mixed urban development is required.
  • Participants are to use the program requirement scheme in Onuma for the project.

  • The approximate requirements that are in Scheme: Step 1 Program Requirements are:
  • BUSINESS CONFERENCE FACILITY exhibition and conference space
  • Housing
  • Parking

NOTE: Use the scheme in Onuma to view the full requirements in the BIM. Participants are to recommend solutions and can change the requirements with justification for the change.

Option 2 - Move your BIM from London to Vancouver


How to Participate in if you were involved with the London BIMStorm™

  • It can take as little as 5 Minutes to move your project from London to Vancouver.
    • In the London BIMStorm Studio, create a new project with your team name and Vancouver. For Example "Team 11 Seoul BIM Forum"
    • Duplicate your final scheme and buildings from the project list that you completed in London, into the new Project for Vancouver.
    • In the London BIMStorm Studio there is a new project called: "START HERE VANCOUVER BC >> Move Buildings to Canada"
    • There are two schemes in this project called: Step 0 Site Only and Step 1 Program Brief for July 22.
    • From the Step 0, Export a Google Earth KML Site, this is the defined site area for Vancouver.
    • Select your project and scheme in the Onuma Project List for Vancouver, and update the KML site to move it to Vancouver.
    • This will move your buildings to Vancouver. Now you can place them on the site.
    • These steps up to here should take about 5 minutes. The following steps are optional.
  • Move the buildings onto the Vancouver Site and resolve the design
    • In Onuma move the buildings by dragging them onto the site.
    • Study design variations
    • Submit your final design to Vancouver and we will continue to work with it live in Vancouver.
    • Teams who move their schemes from London to Vancouver will be featured in the presentations at the GeoWeb? Conference in Vancouver.
    • You did not have to fly to Vancouver to participate, although you are welcome to come if you like!

Option 3 - Use your Onuma Account

How to Participate in if you already have an Onuma account

  • If you have an Onuma account, you can also participate virtually in the Vancouver BIMStorm.
  • Start with the requirement set up in Onuma for the projects along the Vancouver waterfront, and design a solution.
  • The program requirements for buildings are very similar to the ones set up for the London BIMStorm.
  • Use the London BIMStorm as a guide and design the projects in Onuma for Vancouver.

After the Vancouver BIMStorm you will be ready to participate in the upcoming BIMStorms in Washington DC in September of 2008.


Move the BIMSmart Lab from Washington DC to Vancouver BC


  • In the same week as the GeoWeb conference in Vancouver a conference in Washington DC is going to be focused on life cycle management of BIM data. As part of this conferene, Onuma will be used to demonstrate how data can be moved in and out of BIM, and used for many different purposes during the life cycle. A building called the BIMSmart Lab, will be used to demonstrate this.
  • the BIMSmart Lab will be moved from Washington DC to Vancouver and made a part of the BIMStorm Vancouver workshop.
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