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BIMStorm - Build London Live - June 24-26, 2008

  • Event completed. See the results here.
  • Held in conjunction with the London International buildingSMART conference at RIBA.
  • BIMStorm Build London Live is a collaborative event where a number of teams from around UK, Europe and the world were given the task of redeveloping a site in London and delivering an IFC BIM model within 48 hours.
  • The various schemes will be judged by a panel and prizes will be given at a press conference on the last day.
  • More information here.

  • Site: Greenwich Peninsula

  • 48 hours of BIMStorm - Build London Live:
    • Onuma Urban Planning
    • 3D model of scheme
    • 4D model of scheme
    • 5D model (cost calculations based on UK RICS data)
    • Energy Analysis reports
    • 3D model of Building Services via MagiCAD
    • A full set of 2D plans & elevations
    • AVI's, animated gifs, photorealistic images
    • FM model

  • Use this opportunity to promote BIM and buildingSMART by alerting clients and other relations to this event and proving that interoperability works!

  • BIMStorm Build London Live is a collaborative effort of:
    • AEC3
    • Asite
    • CADVisual Ltd / Onuma

  • Sponsored by leading companies:
    • Satellier
    • Data Design Systems
    • Solibri
    • MagiCAD
    • NOIS
    • VRContext
    • Granlund
    • Messerli Informatik AG
    • Synchro Systems
    • BIM Products Ltd
    • and others
  • More information here.

  • Who can join? Anybody who is interested in this topic and wants to contribute is welcome;
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Modelers
    • Software vendors
    • Anybody
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