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About Us



Kimon Onuma, FAIA - President and Founder

We Revolutionize Architecture By
  • Using BIM Since 1993
  • Having an Internet Address Since 1995
  • Working as a Team of Architects and Computer Scientists
  • Partnering with Like Minded Industry Leaders
  • Onuma has been servicing the architectural community since 1972. The evolution of Onuma, Inc. continues as our knowledge and capabilities in architecture and technology grow. Software development for the rapidly changing built environment continue to change the products and services in the building industry. As architects, we understand the needs of the building industry. We not only create our own tools, we use them on all of our projects. Our methods support and continue to expand the integrated practice.

    As an architectural firm we've been looking for ways to streamline and give mundane tasks to a machine. The Onuma System has been in development for nearly two decades and it's listed as one of the BIM software in the GSA BIM Guide. Our work with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) OWS 4 Project puts the award winning ONUMA System at the crux of BIM and GIS.

    ONUMA System was used as the engine to drive the award winning BIMStormâ„¢ LAX. The largest real-time massive BIM collaboration charrette.

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