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TEDx City2.0 | San Diego | October 13, 2012

At TEDx Kimon Onuma Presented: Building Informed Environments

2012 American Institute of Architects California Council | Achievement Awards | October 11, 2012

FUSION + GIS + Onuma
Research and Technology Honor Award

California Community College + Onuma Garner a 2011 Fiatech Award - Miami | April 3, 2012

California Community College + Onuma Garner Fiatech Award - Miami | April 3, 2012 Award for Real-Time Project and Facility Management, Coordination and Control

Frederick E. Harris, Assistant Vice Chancellor, College Finance & Facilities Planning, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office & Kimon Onuma, FAIA, President ONUMA, Inc. with the Fiatech CETI Award.

Vico Adds Two Dimensions to the Balfour Beatty - Parsons Brinckerhoff BIMStorm | February 7, 2012

Read About VICO's Participation in the BIMStorm for California Community Colleges

Journal of Building Information Modeling | Fall 2011

Download PDF
  • Page 18 Article - bImXml: Stepping Forward Onto Proven Ground, By Bob Smith, PhD and Michael Bordenaro
  • A Review of BIMXML used in BIMStorms

  • JBIM Fall 2011

Automated Buildings | May, 2011

Engineering News Record | March 2, 2011


From ENR Article:

Consulting with Kimon Onuma, president of Onuma Systems, Pasadena, Calif., Broaddus turned to open standards—the Construction Operations Building Exchange (COBie) framework for data structure.

The adoption and enforcement of a data structure and inputting information with a simple interface eases adoption and use, Onuma says. His firm now is working with Broaddus on three projects for the GSA to develop construction-to-FM model handover standards and systems.

Journal of Building Information Modeling | Fall 2010


Engineering News Record | July 2010


CM Advisor | May/June 2010


Design Build Essentials | June 2010


Cadalyst - In the Eye of a BIMStorm | June 2010

Architecture IT | June 2010

AIA - Revisiting the Report on Integrated Practice | May 2010

BIMStorm in the Clouds - Santa Clara, CA | July, 2009

  • Takeaways from Connectivity Week
  • The BIMstorm presentation made a huge impression on me and set my mind reeling as to what a Connectivitystorm with real time grid and building data might look like. If you have never see a BIMstorm ( Building Information Model ) brainstorm you must. It will alter your approach to problems by showing you the power that resides in the clouds. - Ken Sinclair

ONUMA System and TOKMO Demonstrate Live Web Services Links - Pasadena, CA | June 30, 2009

  • For the first time, a live web services link between TOKMO and Onuma demonstrates live cost estimating on the AECOO project.
  • The AECOO Office building BIM is started in Onuma for early planning. Uniformat definitions for the project as well as specification on floor, ceiling and other materials are defined in Onuma. As the project is created in Onuma it is immediately available via web services. TOKMO picks up the project data live through the internet and immediately starts to generate cost data. Changes to the project in Onuma create a second scheme, with the changes immediately accessible in TOKMO.
  • View the 20 minute animation of this demonstration.

ONUMA receives Buildy Award - Santa Clara, CA, June 10, 2009

BIMStorm Brings Cloud Computing to Connectivity Week - Santa Clara, CA, June 10, 2009

"BIMStorm Envelops Washington, D.C." - Acronym Magazine, Spring 2009

"BIMStorm Processes Guide Smart Grid Planning"

"Engineering a BIMStorm" Article Published in CSE, Mar. 2009


BIMStorm Named as one of the "Top Ten AEC Technology Trends for 2008" by AECCafe

Over the year AECWeekly has covered the following trends and topics that we consider our top ten:
  • 1) Building Information Modeling ( BIMStorm Identified in this Section )
  • 2) Bentley/Autodesk Interoperability Agreement
  • 3) Emerging Market Standards
  • 4) Creating Flat Liability on Projects
  • 5) Nemetschek Goes to Parasolid
  • 6) Algorithmic Design
  • 7) 3D Printing for the AEC Market
  • 8) Digital Cities
  • 9) Integrated Project Delivery Process
  • 10) Cloud Computing

Revolutionizing the Industry - Construction Business Canada

"BIMStorm Settles Over Alexandria, VA" Article Published on AIArchitect, Oct. 3, 2008


Two BIMStorms for the buildingSMART alliance - National Institute of Building Sciences

  • South Africa is the only country in the world with three national capitals. The plan is to move them to one location in Tshwane. Join us in this historic BIMStorm facilitated by the National Capital Planning Commission in Washington DC as part of the Capitals Alliance Conference.
  • Alexandria, Virginia is the first non military facility that is going to go through a Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC). The impact is thousands of jobs moving out of Alexandria. Join us in planning the future of Alexandria.
  • August 2008-September 2008

"BIMStorm is Here" Article Published on AECCafe, Sept. 1, 2008

ONUMA Successfully Demonstrates COBIE Output at National Academies, Washington, DC - July 24, 2008

Onuma Invited to Speak at GEOWeb in Vancouver July 24, 2008

The world of Building Information Modeling and Geographic Information Systems are merging. Onuma speaks about the BIM + GIS merge, and conducts a live BIMStorm with the Audience.

Onuma Successfully Presents Live at the National Academies in Washington DC July 23, 2008

*The Onuma System was used in the buildingSMART alliance / US Army Corps of engineers demonstration of COBIE for life cycle use of BIM data.
  • Onuma demonstrated live editing and manipulation of BIM data using Onuma and output COBIE formatted data.
  • This demonstrated the power of using open standards exchanges and creation of data in real time using the Onuma Model Server and editor.
  • Results will be posted on the Whole Building Design Guide soon.
  • buildingSMART BIMStorm.

BIMStorm Featured in Summer 2008 The BIM magazine from buildingSMART Korea


BIMStorm Coming to Your City

  • "This was the super-stoked collaboration track, nicknamed the Woodstock of BIM, because the idea behind it was to shake loose from the old ways and throw everybody together into one big sandbox to be as playful and inventive as they wanted — not only architects and engineers, but code reviewers, specialists in Leed certification, green consultants, and structural analysts. After a 24-hour Internet session, conducted in real time with no lag, 420 virtual buildings had been created over 54,755,153 square feet of territory."
  • Read the full post here .

BIMStorm Featured in June 16, 2008 Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.


2008 AIA TAP BIM Jury's Choice Award for BIMStorm LAX

Kristine Fallon - TAP, Joost Wijnen - CADVisual; Susan Mitchell-Onuma and Kimon Onuma - ONUMA Inc.; Tony Rinella - TAP and Steve Hagan - TAP
  • May 14, 2008 - AIA National Conference, Boston Massachusetts
  • Two consecutive years: ONUMA, Inc. Receives AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Award During AIA National Conference in Boston
  • BIMStorm LAX - 24 hour charrette from Jan 31, 2008 to Feb. 1, 2008.
  • 133 participants from around the world submitted 420 projects in real time by Feb. 1, 2008.
  • The BIM Award submittal was due Feb. 1, 2008 and the teams completed all the material to submit the award in real-time.
  • The award validates the significance of this first of a kind, real-time, massive collaboration supported by BIM and open standards.

Computer Graphics World - May 2008

BIMStorm Boston Part II on May 14, 2008 at the AIA National Conference - TAP

Presentation by Kimon Onuma and Susan Mitchell-Onuma
400 member audience, 130 BIMs created
  • 90 Minute presentation and live BIMStorm
  • Audience participation to create 130 BIMs during the presentation.
  • iPhones and Laptops used to enter BIMs into the Boston BIMStorm.

BIMStorm Featured in May 6, 2008 World Changing Article

  • Justus Stewart of World Changing wrote: "If the cost balance in this country is to ever shift away from hinterland sprawl, and toward urban development, these tools may be part of the reason why." .... read on in:
  • BIMStorm: Honing Bureaucracy, Giving Urbanism an Edge .

Onuma Interviewed by Vector 1 Media: Onuma Aims to Revolutionize Architecture with BIM

*V1 Magazine editor Matt Ball sat down with Kimon to discuss the evolution of BIM and the promise that the revolution holds. .... read on in:

BIMStorm Featured in April 2008 CADAlyst Magazine

  • Kenneth Wong of CADAlyst wrote: "What if one summer — or in this case, winter — a bunch of idealistic architects, designers, building owners, contractors, and consultants decided to do away with the professional hierarchies, business protocols, and legal constraints that have long prevented them from working together? " .... read on in:
  • Summer of BIM .

ONUMA Receives CETI Award from Fiatech Second Year in Row


BIMStorm Featured as Cover Article on JBIM Magazine

  • The Spring 2008 Journal of Building Information Modeling from The Building Smart Alliance, National Institute of Building Science features BIMStorm LA.
  • BIMStorm from Rotterdam to Los Angeles
  • Download the PDF Version of JBIM .

AIArchitect - BIM: Reaching Forward, Reaching Back

Wiley: BIM Handbook: A Guide to Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors

  • Case Study on US Coast Guard work that ONUMA, Inc. was invovled with.
  • BIM Handbook .

Chicago Architect Magazine, Feb. 2008 - Don't Feel Dim about BIM, Web-based, user friendly Onuma makes it simple


AIArchitect - BIMStorm Hits LA

  • Feb. 15, 2008 article by Michael Tardif features BIMStorm LA.
  • BIMStorm Hits LA .
  • "Summary: On January 31, 133 design professionals from 11 countries participated in BIMStorm LAX, a 24-hour, online design charrette in which another 700 people participated as observers. "

BIMStorm Articles

Los Angeles Business Journal - Front Page Article on ONUMA

  • The week of Dec. 3-9, 2007 edition feature article spotlights ONUMA's achievements in the use of web based BIM to achieve higher efficiency and accuracy in the design process.
  • Designing a Museum in Minutes Instead of Months as published originally in the Los Angeles Business Journal.
  • The article defines what is possible today using open standards an integrated process and the web. It focuses on one part of the process to illustrate how this can radically shift time and accuracy of decisions.


Mc Graw Hill Smart Market Report - Interoperability in the Construction Industry


AIA Technology in Architectural Practice BIM Award - Capability Maturity Model

  • ONUMA Inc. was awarded two AIA TAP BIM Awards in 2007
  • The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) rating of the ONUMA entries were rated at "Gold" and "Platinum" with scores of 85.7 and 95.5 as reported in AECbytes
  • The CMM measures multiple aspects of the BIM for practices and process
  • Although it is not intended to be used to "score" one BIM against another it is a valuable tool to measure the goals of supporting higher levels of use of BIM. ONUMA focuses on how much to extend the value of data in the BIM through the use of open and interoperable standards. This is reflected in the two projects for ONUMA having a very high rating including the only project to have a "Platinum" rating.
  • ONUMA believes that in order to achieve true interoperability and support "Integrated Practice" as defined by the AIA, a high CMM and the use of open standards is a neccessity.

Project: U.S. Coast Guard Web Enabled Services / Award Type: Honorable Mention / CMM Rating: 85.7 Gold

Project: Open Geospatial Consortium Open Web Services / Award Type: Honorable Mention / CMM Rating: 95.5 Platinum

BIG BIM little bim

The practical approach to Building Information Modeling - Integrated practice done the right way
  • Forward by Kimon and featuring case studies of the Onuma System. Book by Finith Jernigan.
  • Get it at Amazon


Onuma, Inc. - Building AIA Awards Sites Since 2002

  • This is the first database driven AIA Awards site. The site allows automated submittal and review process for the projects.
  • Firms compose their images and text in a web browser. This gets posted to the public web site.
  • The jury reviews the entries prior to convening to decide on the awarded entries.
  • Each year since 2002 new entries have been added. To date there are over 4,000 images.


Architect Creates Design Synthesis Software


ONUMA, Inc. Honored with Two BIM Awards at 2007 AIA National Convention in San Antonio


From Left: Tony Rinella-TAP, Kimon Onuma-ONUMA, Inc., Kristine Fallon - TAP, Steve Hagan - TAP

The 3rd Annual AIA TAP BIM Award was held at: San Antonio, Texas, Marriott Riverwalk, on May 2, 2007

ONUMA, Inc. Submitted and received an award for the following two projects:

1. US Coast Guard Web Enabled BIM Projects


  • USCG Headquarters-SFCAM - David Hammond, Capt. Jay Manik, LCDR Robert Bevins
  • Logistics Geospatial Integration Center - Paul Herold and Team
  • USCG Headquarter, Civil Engineering - LCDR Scott Gesele,William Logan, Hassan Zaidi,
  • CEU Oakland - CDR James Dempsey
  • FD&CC Pacific - Capt. Virginia Holtzmanbell, William Scherer, Jeffrey Brockus


  • ONUMA, Inc. - Kimon Onuma and Team
  • AEC Infosytems, Inc. - Dianne Davis and Team
  • NexDSS, Mactec - Jim Watson and Team
  • Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. - Ian Thompson and Team

2. Integrating BIM and Geospatial Data


  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)


  • ONUMA, Inc. - Kimon Onuma and Team

Both submitted projects used the ONUMA System.

ONUMA, Inc. Honored with Fiatech CETI Award


Mike Allanza, Intel, Inc / Kimon Onuma, ONUMA. Inc. / Ric Jackson, Director , FIATECH

The ONUMA System was honored with a CETI Award on April 10, 2007. Onuma was used in the Sector Command Planning System for the US Coast Guard. The CETI Award recognizes technological innovations that align with the Fiatech Road Map. Onuma was used on various US Coast Guard projects in alignment with the Shore Facilities Capital Asset Management Road Map.


  • USCG Headquarters-SFCAM - David Hammond, Capt. Jay Manik, LCDR Robert Bevins
  • Logistics Geospatial Integration Center - Paul Herold and Team
  • USCG Headquarter, Civil Engineering - LCDR Scott Gesele,William Logan, Hassan Zaidi,
  • CEU Oakland - CDR James Dempsey
  • FD&CC Pacific - Capt. Virginia Holtzmanbell, William Scherer, Jeffrey Brockus


  • ONUMA, Inc. - Kimon Onuma and Team
  • AEC Infosytems, Inc. - Dianne Davis and Team
  • NexDSS, Mactec - Jim Watson and Team
  • Standing Stone Consulting, Inc. - Ian Thompson and Team

In an effort to encourage innovative construction-related technologies that benefit the industry, FIATECH has established the CETI Awards - Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation - to recognize significant achievements in technology deployment and implementation in the capital projects industry.

ONUMA, Inc. is honored to be included with the Other CETI Awards for this year:

  • Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks: Benefits Analysis in an Industrial Environment, Intel Corp., Emerging Platforms Lab
  • General Services Adminstration, GSA’s National 3D-4D-BIM Program, GSA Office of the Chief Architect
(Onuma is listed along with Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Graphisoft, NIST, ASTM, Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology, LBNL, NVE, Olof Granlund, Solibri and Digital Alchemy on this submittal as being part of the first version of the GSA BIM Guide) *Sector Command Planning System - ONUMA. inc.

Honoralble Mention:

  • General Motors Worldwide Facilities Group/GHAFARI Assoc., L.L.C
  • I-10 / Raines Road Bridge Changeout, Mammoet USA

Outstanding Mind:

  • Computational approach to support decisions about the full range of possible inspection approaches, Dr. Christopher B. Gordon - Carnegie Mellon University

Honorable Mention:

  • Life-cycle data management of engineered-to-order components using advanced tracking technologies, Dr. Esin Ergen -Carnegie Mellon University

Innovation or Creative Activity in Academics

  • Project Lead The Way, San Diego State State University

Annoucement on Fiatech web site.

Information about Fiatech.

ONUMA System featured in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Services Phase 4 Demonstration


ONUMA, Inc. participated in the OGC Web Services testbed demonstrating how BIM and GIS can interact through web services. The ONUMA System was used as a Web Feature Serivce (WFS) for IFC, CityGML and XML data.

Interactive demonstration of OGC Demonstration.

ONUMA, Inc. Launches new Web Site and Brand

January 1, 2007, ONUMA, Inc. launches a new web site and logo to better reflect the products, services and projects that ONUMA, Inc. offers. This site will be continually evolving and serve as a link to the many projects specific and product sites of ONUMA, Inc.

ONUMA Web Site.

Joint Services Environmental Management Conference, (JSEM)

May 21-24, 2007 ONUMA, Inc. is accepted to present at the JSEM. The abstract: "BIM and Beyond - USCG Case Studies from Mission to Management" will be presented.


Onuma and OGC

Dec. 7-8, 2006 New York Port Authority. ONUMA, Inc. demonstrates the ONUMA System™ at the Open Geospatial Consortium OWS 4 Test Bed Project. A custom version of Onuma was created to suppor the OWS 4 project. This was used as a Web Feature Service and a client editor.

AEC ST Conference and Presentations

Dec. 5-7, 2006 Washington DC. Onuma was demonstrated at various presentations and at the Interoperability Booth at the AEC ST Conference. Kimon G. Onuma, involved with the Keynote Panel Discussion on BIM.

Seeing is Believing

November 1, 2006 Washington DC, National Academies of Science, Federal Facilities Council. Onuma was demonstrated as part of the "Seeing is Believing" demonstration highlighting how interoperability and IFCs can support BIM workflows.

Onuma and GSA BIM Guide

November 1, 2006 Washington DC, National Academies of Science, Federal Facilities Council. Onuma was listed in the first version of the GSA BIM Guide appendix along with four other vendors BIM tools as supporting GSA BIM requirements for IFC.

GSA BIM Guide.

GSA BIM Web Site.


The Onuma System is referenced in the following publicaitons:

General Services Administraiton (GSA) BIM Guide

Onuma is one of the five initial vendors referenced in the GSA BIM Guide Appendix as first published in November 2006

Onuma is shown to be able to provide BIM in IFC format that is compliant with GSA requirements for IFC deliverables.

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