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BIMStorm™ buildingSMART

This BIMStorm™ is to define, implement and test interoperability through a series of demonstration projects. This will be an ongoing BIMStorm™ and we invite testing with other vendors and groups in the industry. Without pushing the limits of using open standards exchanges the industry will not progress. This has been an ongoing project at Onuma. With this BIMStorm, we would like to invite others to join in.

Project #1 buildingSMART Alliance & US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Interoperability Demonstration using BIM and IFC to export to COBIE

Onuma and COBIE Design Demonstration

  • ONUMA, Inc. participated along with other vendors as part of this demonstration.
  • In June and July of 2008, new user interfaces and outputs from Onuma were created to support COBIE Design.
  • The live demonstration included:
    • Create COBIE Data live from Onuma of Scheme 1
    • Editing of a BIM in Onuma
    • Adding spaces
    • Moving equipment
    • Adding new equipment
    • Editing COBIE Data in Onuma by naming components
    • Create COBIE Data live from Onuma of Scheme 2, for comparison with Scheme 1, to show Delta
    • Create of IFC live from Onuma of Scheme 2
    • Create multiple COBIE Data and IFC from Onuma Model Server

Onuma and COBIE Workflow


COBIE Design Data output from Onuma includes:

  • 01- Contact Data
    • Multiple names, addresses, phone numbers, emails
    • Lists all individuals including their function ("role") involved in the project
    • Lists all contact informatin such as names, company, addresses, phone numbers, emails
  • 02- Facility
    • BIMSmart Laboratory Building
  • 03- Floors
    • 4 Floors
  • 04- Spaces
    • 93 Spaces
    • GSA BIM Guide Attributes included in Spaces
      • GSA Space Areas
      • GSA Start Space Type
      • GSA Star Space Category
      • Security Zone
      • Preservation Zone
      • Privacy Zone
      • Occupant Organization Code
      • Occupant Organization Abbreviation
      • Occupant Organization Name
      • Occupant Billing ID
    • OSCRE Codes
    • OmniClass for Space Function
    • Floor Finish
    • Ceiling
    • Hours of Operation
  • 05- System
    • Geospatial Coordinates will be proposed as a System
    • List of Building Sytems (or services) such as utilities, structural system, etc.
    • OmniClass? for System Function
    • Geospatial Coordinates are being processed as a System
  • 06- Register
    • Submittal Register listing planned materials, products and equipment
  • 07- Components
    • 1,017 Components such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fixtures, Casework
  • 08-Attributes
  • 09-Coordinates
    • XYZ Coordinates of all floors, spaces, and components
  • 14-Installation
  • 16-Warranty

Project #2 Move the BIMSmart Laboratory from Project #1 to the Vancouver BIMStorm™


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