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The winners of the 2008 Build London live Award

This is the result after 48 hours of work by the teams,

Best Overall Award - Team BIM Vikings


The judges' comments were "For involving the clients and for the breadth and depth of their design and collaboration."

Judges Discretionary Awards: Team BIM Japan


Judges' comments were "Consistently high quality."

Judges Discretionary Awards: Team Southern Axis


Judges' comments were "Excellent results from a very small team."

Use of Interoperability - Team Omega


The judges' comments were "Use of SmartCODEs for regulation checking."

Continuous Publication - Team Food for Thot


The judges' comments were "Use of the full range of collaboration systems."

Multi-disciplinary Design and Constructability - Team BIM Vikings


The judges' comments were "The wide range of organisations, disciplines, and applications used plus the massive use of BuildingSMART? standards."

Sustainability - Team BIM Education


The judges' comments were "Used the model server to explore the energy implications of green roofs."

Compliance with the Brief, Affordability - Team Lessard

The judges' comments were "Focused the most on the residential aspects"

Drama and Excitement - Team Gravicon


The judges' comments were "A dramatic concept worked through to an impressive finished product."

Best Collaboration - Team Seoul BIM


The judges' comments were "Overcoming a steep learning curve to achieve impressive collaboration from Asia to Europe over the course of 48 hours. Truly remarkable."

Best Design - Team BIM Products


The judges' comments were "Best use of the site and surrounding context".

Special mention by Judges for Woolwich Polytechnic

Getting involved with cutting edge projects in the local community...

2009-10-19 15:51:24
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