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BIMStorm™ Vancouver Workshop at the GEOWeb Conference

At the GEOWeb Conference in Vancouver on July 22, 2008 from 1:30-4:30PM, a live workshop will be held. Listed below are some of the things we will do. We will use the templates that are set up in the Vancouver Studio as a starting point.

  • 1. iPhone to BIM or Laptop to BIM

  • 2. Creating a Project in the Onuma
    • http://bimstorm.com/
    • Select “Onuma Login” and enter your user name and password.
    • Use the “BIMStorm Vancouver” Studio, Create a new project
    • Add Buildings, Add Floors, Add Spaces

  • 3. Geospatially Locate Project
    • Create shape in Google Earth for Site Location
    • Save one shape as KML for Site
    • Update Site Shape in Onuma by selecting KML Site
    • Trace existing building in Google Earth, save as KML
    • Import KML for building

  • 4. Using a Template Scheme in Onuma
    • Duplicate the Scheme “Step 1 Program Requirements” from the Project “Start Here >> Project Requirements”
    • Edit this scheme to resolve the location of Buildings
    • Export to Google Earth, Excel, IFC for BIM

  • 5. Create New Building From Excel
    • Edit Excel template with space names and areas
    • Save CSV from Excel, Import to Onuma as building

  • 7. Export to Building Information Model and GIS
    • Export through IFC to BIM
    • Export through City GML
    • Export Network Linked KML to Google, refresh in real time as projects are worked on.
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