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How to Participate in BIMStorm™ MSY

Anyone can participate in the BIMStorm™. No technology expertise or knowledge of BIM is required. Begin with Option A of Observing the results of the BIMstorm™.

There are no fees associated with observing virtually.

Start by logging in here.

How to Observe BIMStorm™ MSY: (Open to All - O1~O6)
O1. Summary Presentation
O2. Live Presentations
O3. Taped Presentations
O4. View Reports
O5. View Onuma
O6. Archived Data

O1. Summary Presentation - April 1, 2008 | BIMStorm the BIG Easy Way | Live at the Fiatech Conference. Fiatech registration required.

O2. Live Presentations
  • March 31-April 2, 2008 - Live at the Fiatech Conference. During the conference, live workshops will be held on the show floor. Fiatech registration required.
  • March 21 - April 2, 2008 - Live Webinars to be announced.

O3. Taped Presentations - To be announced
Taped presentations link from web site: http://BIMstorm.com/ These will be saved from the "Live Presentations" for viewers who cannot participate live.
O4. View Reports
Reports of project progress can be downloaded live as they are available here:

These will include reports such as: Cost Estimates, Energy Analysis, and Google Earth Files. The reports will change as the various teams work on the projects. Viewers only need to know how to go to this web site and download the various reports. Live network linked Google Earth files will also be available here: href="http://www.onuma.com/products/WfsCatalog.php"target="_blank">available here:

O5. View Onuma
View actual projects as they progress live on Onuma. You will be able to see all shared projects and schemes as they develop live. Google Earth, BIM and other file formats can be downloaded. Commenting and interacting with these reports requires a "Play" log in.
O6. Archived Data - After April 2, 2008
All of O-1~O-6 will be archived and available on the Web.
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