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New Orleans > Outline

  • March 2 - April 2, 2008 - Planning Period
  • March 2 - March 25, 2008 - Proposals of projects from teams
  • March 17-April 2, 2008, - Ongoing Charrette
  • March 31 - April 2, 2008 - Live Charrette in New Orleans and Virtually
  • April 3- April 18, 2008 - BIMStorm New Orleans Continues...
  • April 18, 2008 - Webinar Presentation of New Orleans BIMStorm

GIS Data in Google Earth Format is available to Players through Onuma

Post Katrina, New Orleans has been faced with a massive rebuilding effort. As part of this many ideas and initiatives have been ongoing. This will not necessarily be a "final solution" to what should be done, but will be a venue to explore the potential impact of what can be done. BIMStorm the BIG Easy Way is a one month effort culminating at the Fiatech Conference to collaboratively stitch together the ideas and initiatives that may be ongoing and to provide the city and citizens of New Orleans a way to visualize the change and opportunities "The BIG Easy Way."

Join us to:

  • Create planning scenarios that would be useful to city New Orleans and the public.
  • Raise awareness of challenges facing New Orleans and provide solutions.
  • Document existing projects that are being planned, to be to get a clearer picture of what is being planned.
  • Show planned projects to improve the city
  • Simulate various scenarios to look for opportunities and potential problems.
  • Provide a venue during Fiatech to design in real time, with stakeholders.
  • Provide the New Orleans with a tool during the Fiatech Conference to be able to engage stakeholders in decision making
  • Support Emergency Planning by simulating existing and proposed construction.
  • Identify ongoing projects and locate them on Google Map and Database
  • Raise awareness of open standards exchanges
  • Support sustainable design and emergency preparedness.

Design, Construction and Renovation

  • Teams will be designing schools, hospitals, housing and institutional projects.
  • Real time live workshop at the Fiatech conference and through the internet.
  • The projects will also provide live data for cost estimating, energy use, and capabilities for emergency planning.

Emergency Planning / Response / Shelter Planning
As with any other metropolitan area, New Orleans needs to be able to respond to emergencies. Live scenario planning workshops will be held at the Fiatech conference as part of the BIMStorm. Join us to simulate how integrated tools can support both the planning and design of facilities and a city and at the same time the same data can support emergency planning. This will be a demonstration of what is possible today when facility data is linked to geospatial data in a way that allows access to many levels of users.

  • Fire stations will be located based on evolving needs of the city.
  • Emergency shelters will be planning in existing and new facilities.
  • Scenarios will be run to simulate capabilities of the infrastructure.
  • Participants are welcome to interactively work with the BIMStorm teams that will be at the Fiatech conference and through the internet.


  • Green and sustainable design strategies will be demonstrated.
  • Energy use calculations and simulations.
  • Collaboration with teams worldwide to bring expert knowledge into the process without requiring everyone to fly to one location and meet.
  • Green Roofs
  • Solar Energy



  • Virtual viewing via web site and online meetings. Anyone can observe, and learn.
  • Developers, owners and agencies are invited to submit their projects to be designed for free.
  • A rapid design process demonstrating real-time collaboration.
  • Generating various scheme ideas.
  • Owners submit project program requirements in Excel here.
  • Submit projects in a simple format. This can be a statement of the overall size of the project, such as a 150,000 sf office building, or a more detailed programmatic requirement in Excel format (these can be actual projects or studies of potential projects).
  • Submissions due: March 27, 2008 to be considered as part of the BIMstormô
  • Request access here first.
  • Participate from office, home or anywhere there is internet access.

  • Create a BIMstorm Team and work on a project on the BIMstorm.
  • Architects, urban planner, schools of architecture, cities and agencies, and the business community are invited to engage in the process.
  • A group of pre-qualified BIM capable teams will work in real-time to plan the various sites identified in the BIMstorm.
  • BIM players will be distributed around the world, collaborating in real-time via the internet.
  • We are looking for proposals from multi-disciplinary teams that will extend the benefits we saw in the Los Angeles BIMStorm of rapid collaboration. In LA it was focused on 24 hours. Since New Orleans is a month long, we feel that there are opportunities for demonstrating how teams can collaborate and adjust their design direction based on input from other teams. For example:
    • Team A starts early design of a project and passes it to Team B for Lifecyle Operations and Maintenance analysis, Team C for Structural Design, Team D for HVAC, Team E for Energy. The input from these other teams to team A would then be reviewed by Team A and the design adjusted, the other teams would then be able to see the new design and adjust their reports based on it.
  • For the New Orleans BIMStorm we are looking for proposals from teams on specific projects and scenarios. We want you to suggest projects either in progress or new, that your team would like to work on. We encourage participation with local agencies or groups in New Orleans.
  • There will also be projects that are posted on this site as requests.


  • Some resources for project information in New Orleans.

  • Other suggestions welcome
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