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How to Participate in the BIMStormô

Anyone can participate in the BIMStormô. No technology expertise or knowledge of BIM is required.

If you want to "Play" there are easy ways to get involved.

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ConceptDiagram.jpg Concept Sketch for Tshwane - Kenneth Walton of NCPC

  • Transportation Concept Area

Prioritize and facilitate people-movement within the District. This concept could be realized through 2 basic elements:

1. Limit the volume of "private" vehicles and/or taxis within the District - If feasible, limit the volume of private automobiles and/or taxis (if necessary) entering into the District by some sort of congestion-pricing mechanism (i.e. London) to maintain a more relaxed, "ease of circulation" condition within the District. This will prevent traffic congestion, help encourage people to utilize the inner-District transit systems/walk/bicycle/Segway, and create a more pleasant and safer environment for people. If politically/financially feasible and legal, the revenue generated by the user-fee could be utilized to fund maintenance of inner-District infrastructure and/or operation of the transit system(s). NOTE: The parking demand and other impacts (especially outside of the District) of such a program should be assessed prior to implementation.

2. Implement a network of various transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and Segway systems within the District - The intra-District network would prioritize the movement of people over private vehicles, and link specific destinations in support of the Plan (see supporting graphics). Such a network would also facilitate social interaction between people and create a more intimate, "special" ambiance to the area. NOTE: Specific locations for potential Segway rentals, bicycle rentals, and bicycle racks are not identified in this concept and should be studied prior to implementation.

Subject Matter Experts

  • Each team has a specialty.
  • Some teams are seeking "Subject Matter Experts" SME in different areas.

KEY Subject Matter Expert Description
A Architect For Tshwane - Define concepts and ideas that begin to tell the story of a new capital city in the 21st century, what is the image of the city as defined by this new architecture? How do you read this as a mass and in individual buildings? How can we tell the story of freedom in South Africa by design? Similar concepts for Alexandria.
B Builder, Contractor How can early input from builders support Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for design?
C Project and Cost Management How can early input from estimators support Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for design?
D Developer -
E Electrical Engineer -
F Codes and Regulations How can automatic Code Checking support design?
G City or Government Agency -
H Sustainability and LEEDS Can LEED Standards be applied, how can security design be integrated into the buildings?
I Transportation Planning -
J Design Build -
K Base Realignment and Closing Coordination -
L Lifecycle Management -
M Mechanical Engineer -
N Standards Organization -
O Owner -
P Plumbing Engineer -
Q Landscape Design How do we create a sustainable site design hardscape and landscape how can we define renewable energy in the design colors, patterns etc
R Program Management -
S Academia -
T Security Analyst, CPTED How can security design be integrated into the buildings? How can design support for safer environments through the use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, CPTED principles?
U Urban Design How can we begin carving out the new city from what exist currently and how it may grow into the future how development should be phased
V Civil Engineer -
W Legal -
X Real Estate -
Y GIS Analyst -
Z BIMStormô Support -


Teams can choose a site for Alexandria and Tswhane. After all the sites have been assigned, teams can also pick the same site that another team is already working on or define a new site. Make your selection and announce it on the Forum.


2010-02-08 10:52:34
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