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Autodesk Revit and Onuma


Revit, Excel and Onuma

  • Revit users can pull data from their room schedule and transfer it to Onuma Excel Template
  • An Excel spreadsheet containing data can be imported into Onuma
  • Information from the spreadsheet becomes spaces
  • Spaces can then rearranged by the user and information from the Excel can be found in the Space Settings Matrix

Revit, IFC and Onuma

  • Export IFC file from Revit
  • Convert IFC file to BIMXML file using Onuma IFC Converter
  • Import BIMXML file to Onuma

Onuma Revit Plug In

  • Plug in for Revit allows projects to be imported and exported to Onuma
  • Start from a Revit Model, Export to Onuma
  • Edit in Onuma or store many models in the Onuma Model Server
  • Create reports in Onuma
  • Export to Google Earth, Export to Revit, Export to Excel
  • Start in Onuma, create program requirements, export to Excel
  • Furniture and equipment can also be exported
  • The Revit Plug in is included in Onuma Editor Pro and Studio Pro


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