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ONUMA Web Feature Service™

Web Enabled Access to Geospatial Onuma Data

What you can do with ONUMA Web Feature Service™

  • Make data in ONUMA System available to other web services.
    • With proper privileges you can access Onuma without using the Onuma interface
  • Query geographic information, location based data.
    • Query a geographic area for BIM and other data.
    • Query building data available in a 10 block area?
    • Specify a latitude and longitude bounding box area to get resulting data.
    • Use a graphical map user interface to draw a box around a geographic area based on OGC standards, and get the resulting data.
  • Open Geospatial Consortium standards based.
    • Make data available at a global level.

Download Web Service Parameters (3/8/11)

ONUMA, Inc. has implemented Web Feature Services (WFS) to provide access to the data on the ONUMA System. This is based on open standards established by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This functionality allows for linking to and from other solutions based on open standards. OGC has over 300 members worldwide that include other software vendors, government agencies and the commercial sector.

ONUMA, Inc. joined the OGC in October of 2006 and participated in a pivotal role in the OGC Web Services Phase 4 testbed project. OGC's CAD/GIS/BIM thread aims to develop and demonstrate a framework of interoperability across the lifecycle of building and infrastructure investment involving design, construction, and operation and decommissioning.

ONUMA, Inc. provided the ONUMA System as a WFS for BIM and as a BIM editor. The unique position of ONUMA, Inc. allowed us to participate in this first of a kind demonstration of linking BIM to GIS using OGC standards.

Functionality of the ONUMA WFS™

  • Get Capabilities
    • Tells the client how to communicate with the WFS, what feature types are available on the server and what transactions are available. It would say, "I have buildings at this site and here's how you query them."
  • Describe Feature Type
    • Describes the structure of any feature type it can service. Returns schema for requested type name.
  • Get Feature
    • "I have these three buildings at this site" query would return enough of a subset of its schema elements to distinguish one building from another and summary data, but leave out every little detail for every floor and room (data for each space, space name, sqft, space number, index, etc)
  • Catalog
    • Lists authorized data within a bounding box of a geographic area with links to that data.
  • Get GML Object
    • Delivers a City GML version of buidlings that can be opened in OGC compliant viewers such as Land Explorer.
  • Get IFC Object
    • Delivers an IFC BIM file that can be opened in IFC tools.
  • Post IFC Object
    • Posts an IFC file back to the WFS.

The Catalog lists BIM, IFC, and City GML data that is available in a bounding box. Users can use a get request to retrieve data through an http request.

The ONUMA System client can get IFC data, edit it, and post it through an http post back to the ONUMA WFS™ to complete a transaction.

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