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The ONUMA System is a web-based Building Information Model software. Using the BIMStorm® cloud computing design processes, realtime multi-discipline building industry collaboration is possible. The ONUMA System promotes open standards while mashing-up industry knowledge. The building, geo-spatial and energy industries use the award winning web-based BIMStorm process for planning and design because of it''s strong visual capabilities that resolve complex relationships and environmental issues.

The Virtual Realtime Operating Center (vROC) System is a web-based realtime energy system developed by Lavelle Energy that connects object data from building sensors and uses open standards for monitoring and analysis. It can run hundreds(+) of realtime building information feeds to hundreds(+) of users simultaneously.

The Onuma System + vROC combination, VRIS, is the ultra real-time BIM and energy management platform. This unprecedented capability to view and manage building performance, lets participants manage thousands of buildings from separate Internet connections anywhere in the world. VRIS enables Smart Buildings.

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