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BIM Requests

Request a BIM by submitting your Project Information to Onuma.

The request process will create a BIM model in the Onuma Studio associated with the "Group" selected at the bottom of this page.

Immediately after uploading a request, reports about the Project can be accessed on the BIM Report page by selecting the same Group and entering the same Password. Once the planners in the Onuma Studio modify and publish their proposals, the reports from the original request can be compared to the reports of the proposals.

Browse to the Excel file created in step 3:


  1. Download the Excel Template to create a BIM Request.
  2. Add at least the required information (fields with yellow background) into the Excel file
  3. Browse to the saved XLS file with the file browser above.
Optionally, the project location can be uploaded as a KML file from Google Earth:


  1. Draw a polygon over the piece of property in Google Earth. Right-clicking on the polygon in Google Earth lets you save the polygon as a KML file to your desktop. (note: switch to "save as KML" and not KMZ)
  2. Browse with the file browser above to the saved KML file.
Specify the User Group which the Project needs to be posted:
User Group: No password needed
Add Project Information: