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ONUMA - Model Server

  • Web Enabled Multi User Access to BIM
  • Provide instant access to BIM with a simple user interface to data
  • Manage BIMs at a portfolio level
  • Import and Export from Revit with Add On
  • Import and Export from Archicad with Add On
  • Import and Export to other BIM applications through IFC
  • Export Georeferenced BIM to GIS, Google Earth
  • Exports to other formats such as Excel and SketchUp
  • Stores hundreds of thousand of BIMs
  • Not just an FTP server, users can have access to BIM data without needing to download the entire BIM
  • Used in BIMStorms, supported 3000 users
  • Access to Onuma Model server included with all Onuma Accounts
  • BIM Cloud access to BIM data through standard web browsers
  • No Software to Install and Cross Platform
  • ONUMA hosts the server or Onuma Enterprise Version can run from your server
  • Award Winning Technology
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