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BIMStorm Oklahoma City

We are heading to Oklahoma City this fall with BIMStorm. Join us. Oklahoma! Here comes BIMStorm

BIMStorm Oklahoma City Webinars

What is a BIMStorm Oklahoma City?

BIMStormâ„¢ Oklahoma City (OKC) will bring together students from disciplines such as architecture, construction science, planning, and engineering to join in a partnership with the City of Oklahoma City and industry participants for the virtual BIM event. Students will develop design alternatives that can be tested and analyzed in BIM to verify feasibility and constructability. The industry partners will provide valuable insight to students about real world solutions. The dynamics of students, city officials, and industry partners all working toward one goal has implications for each group with information sharing, problem solving, and solution testing. The virtual team context offers OU students a differentiator and experience uncommon to the majority of students of the built environment.

The City of Oklahoma City

The teams in BIMStorm OKC will be working with real world planning scenarios as defined by the City of Oklahoma City. This is a very unique opportunity to work with planning scenarios based on the real needs of the city.

Watch the introductory presentation by Russell Claus, Planning Director for Oklahoma City.

BIMStorm Dream Course at University of Oklahoma College of Architecture


Associate Professor of Construction Science Tamera McCuen and Associate Professor of Architecture Lee Fithian were approved to lead a Dream Course in fall 2012 by the University of Oklahoma. The course will raise OU's image as a leader in interdisciplinary collaboration enabled by innovative technology. The Dream Course will provide a unique opportunity for students to work with design and construction professionals on virtual teams. By working with the City of Oklahoma City and industry partners throughout BIMStorm� OKC, students will further their discipline knowledge and collaborative skills in a project-based learning environment that represents leading-edge technology and innovative project delivery methods for the 21st-century architect, planner and construction manager.

More information about the University of Oklahoma BIMStorm here.

University of Oklahoma BIMStorm blog here.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from OKC merged with BIM

GIS data provided by the City of Oklahoma City is now accessible live merged with BIM. GIS Servers and BIM Servers mashed together for the BIMStorm OKC.


Join the BIMStorm to view the GIS and BIM live.

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