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How to Participate in BIMStorm™ LAX

Anyone can participate in the BIMStorm™. No technology expertise or knowledge of BIM is required. Begin with Option A of Observing the results of the 24 hour BIMstorm™.

If you want to "Play" there are easy ways to get involved. Option 1 only requires a request for a project. “I want a 400 room hotel at 100 Olive Street” posted to the BIM on Demand web page.

There are no fees associated with observing. In order to create the best teams with the right level of expertise, certain options of “Play” require pre-qualification.

Start by logging in here:

http://www.onuma.com/services/BimStormRegistration1.php to get your User Group name and Password.

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The following outline will continue to evolve as we approach January 31. Please check back for updates.

This version is: V1.4.08

How to Observe BIMStorm™ LAX: (Open to All - O1~O6)
O1. Summary Presentation
O2. Live Presentations
O3. Taped Presentations
O4. View Reports
O5. View Onuma
O6. Archived Data

O1. Summary Presentation - February 1, 2008 | 1 pm Pacific Time
One hour Webinar presentation overview of what happened in the last 24 hours. Viewers can log in on web and call in on conference phone to listen and watch a presentation.


O2. Live Presentations - January 31, 2008
10 -15 minute Webinars that will be scheduled at the top of the hour about every other hour (review what is happening)
O3. Taped Presentations - January 31, 2008 - Feb. 1, 2008
Taped presentations link from web site: http://BIMstorm.com/ These will be saved from the "Live Presentations" for viewers who cannot participate live.
O4. View Reports - January 31, 2008 - Feb. 1, 2008
Reports of project progress can be downloaded live as they are available here: http://onuma.com/products/BimReports.php These will include reports such as: Cost Estimates, Energy Analysis, and Google Earth Files. The reports will change as the various teams work on the projects. Viewers only need to know how to go to this web site and download the various reports. Live network linked Google Earth files will also be available here: http://www.onuma.com/products/WfsCatalog.php
O5. View Onuma - January 1, 2008 - February 1, 2008
View actual projects as they progress live on Onuma. Submit request for Onuma account here: http://www.onuma.com/services/BimStormRegistration1.php You will be able to see all shared projects and schemes as they develop live. Google Earth, BIM and other file formats can be downloaded. Commenting and interacting with these reports requires a "Play" log in. See "P-3"
O6. Archived Data - After February 1, 2008
All of O-1~O-6 will be archived and available on the Web.

Observers: 700+

How to Play in BIMStorm™ LAX: (Requires Pre-Qualification)

P1. Create Master Plan
P2. Define a Project
P3. Excel Upload to Onuma
P4. View and Interact with Reports
P5. Design Project(s)
P6. Use BIM to Design Project(s)
P7. Use BIM and Onuma to Design
P8. Manage Projects in Onuma


P1. Create Master Plan
Utilize urban planning principals to define the zoning and overall vision of the project area. This will form the basis of requirements that all projects in the area will follow.
Who: City agencies, master planners and the community
When: Between January 1, 2008 and January 29, 2008.
Half day master planning charrette on January 12, 2008, 9AM Pacific at Onuma Inc. Pasadena and also virtually on the internet.
Google Maps opened for comment on January 10-31, 2008
Estimated Time: 4 Hours
Result: Each property within the BIMStorm™ LAX will have a defined use. Overall plan in place. Analysis prior to any detail building designs are started is also possible. For example for fire departments to define where optimal locations for their facilities will be. Plans will be inserted into Onuma and made available online through the BIM on Demand page:
With User Group: BIMStorm LAX
Password: Will be provided to registered Players and Observers


P2. Define a Project
In narrative format or with optional data such as total area or total number of rooms, such as 400 hotel room hotel, and other basic information about a project. Although we encourage posting actual project name, projects can also be posted as anonymous. So for example instead of writing in “Ritz Carlton Hotel” the developer could name it as “400 Room Hotel”.
Who: Developers and owners can post project requests here:
When: Between January 1, 2008 and January 21, 2008,
make a request before the actual BIMStorm™, in a similar sequence to how a project would actually be requested by owners to architects. Once requests are made, the participant can either actively engage in other levels of "Play" or drop back to an "Observe."
Estimated Time: 5 Minutes - One hour depending on the level of detail submitted
Result: Projects will be reviewed for fit into the P1 Master Plan and assigned a site. The project is now available for teams to start working on. If an Excel file is posted, some basic info such as area and initial cost are available in reports.


P3. Excel Upload to Onuma
Create Building Program in Excel. Basic Excel skills to fill in program areas. The minimum needed is room names and areas. More detail can be added based on the Excel template on this page:

Who: Real Estate Developers, Property Owners and others can post project requests here:
When: Requests can occur between Jan. 1, 2008 and Jan 30, 2008, before the actual BIMStorm™, similar to how a project would be requested by owners to architects.
Estimated Time: Depending on the Excel file level of detail, it could range from a few minutes to 30 minutes to prepare. Option to locate the Excel file on Google Earth will take an extra 5 minutes per site.
Result: Individual project requirements are loaded into Onuma and ready for the design teams to work on. Projects will be reviewed by the BIMStorm™ team for inclusion into the project area.


P4. View and Interact with Projects
Reports of project progress can be downloaded live as they are available here:
These will include reports such as: Cost Estimates, Energy Analysis, and Google Earth Files The reports will change as the various teams work on the projects. Viewers can download the various reports, analyze them and post comments or files back to Onuma. For example, an architect may define the project in Onuma, then an appraiser may download various reports from the project, create a new PDF document of an appraisal report and post their comments back to Onuma attached to that project.
Alternatively the BIMstorm™ LAX forum at:
Can be used for discussions about reports.

Who: Viewers who have access to Onuma can review reports and post comments.
When: January 1, 2008 and February 1, 2008
Estimated Time: Varies. Depends on the level of interaction. It could be as simple as downloading a report and giving immediate feedback, or a longer sequence of interaction.
Result: The data from Onuma would be available to various experts who can interact with the data and respond. The responses will be associated with the projects.


P5. Design Project(s)
No technology expertise needed. Only design skills. However, you must work with a team that has other capabilities to get your design into BIM and Onuma.
Who: Architects and Planners
When: January 31, 2008 for projects, Jan 11, 2008 for Master Plan.
Estimated Time: Varies
Result: Completed design that would then be handed to team using BIM or Onuma.


P6. Use BIM to Design Project(s)
The process could start from BIM tools such as ArchiCAD, Revit or VectorWorks. For example one of the projects could be for a retirement community. An architect that may specialize in retirement communities may be using Revit. The BIMStorm™ project would have a site defined and the architect would design a project for the site using Revit.
Who: Architects, Engineers, Planners
When: Jan. 31, 2008
Estimated Time: Varies depending on the level of detail of the submittal.
Result: Project(s) submitted to BIMStorm™


P7. Use BIM and Onuma to Design
Go to web site:
using group name: BIMstorm LAX
Password: Will be provided to registered Players and Observers
Download BIM IFC files, import to Revit or other BIM Application
Design in BIM
Post results back to Onuma
Individual teams can decide what to “design” using BIM. Some teams may want to reformat the project using the program requirements defined in the IFC file from Onuma and post their suggestions. Others may only focus on the form of the building from a master planning perspective and others may want to get into the interior of the building and layout. There are no set minimums.
Who: Architect, Engineers
When: January 31, 2008
Estimated Time: Varies depending on level of detail.
Result:* Completed design of project


P8. Manage Projects in Onuma
Onuma capable users will be interacting with all the data and experts in levels 1-8. Import and export of data from Onuma to various tools. Aggregate all projects into Onuma for analysis across the entire site.
Who: Various
When: January 1-31,2008
Estimated Time: Varies depending on level of detail
Result: Completed BIMStorm™

BIMstorm™ Live
  • January31, 2008 - 11 am Eastern, 8 am Pacific (24 hour participation not required)
  • Count Me In
  • Training sessions are optional for Watch and Observe
  • Any other suggestions please let us know.

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