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Photo by: Samuel C. Louie, Retouched by:Carol Spears & Kimon Onuma - Creative Commons

60 Minute BIMStorm™Completed with 79 Buildings using Crowd-sourcing

79 Building Information Models (BIM) were submitted live to the BIMStorm from an audience of 200 during Kimon Onuma’s keynote presentation at the GeoDesign Summit at ESRI in Redlands, CA on June 6, 2011.


Using the ONUMA System, Cloud Computing based BIM application, Kimon Onuma solicited input from the audience using iPhones, Androids and PCs to submit BIMs in real time for a mash-up during the beginning of the presentation. Within 30 minutes 68 new buildings were submitted from audience totaling $13.67 Billion US of construction and landed on a site in Hong Kong. During the same time, Balfour Beatty of Fairfax Virginia submitted 11 more buildings totaling $2.54 Billion US of construction to the same site. The aggregated total area of all the buildings submitted was over 36 million square feet. During the live BIMStorm three ONUMA team members in Pasadena, CA coordinated and arranged all 79 buildings on a site in Hong Kong.


A typical design and construction process would not occur at this pace or with this many people. The intent of this BIMStorm was to demonstrate that the technology exists to make this happen and that even those that with minimal knowledge about the underlying technology can use simple tools to interact in real time.


The theme of the presentation was the convergence of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), BIM and Facility Management using Cloud Computing. The tools used include: The ONUMA System, Google Earth, ArcGIS, SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, Archicad, Excel, Google Docs, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Maps, Ecotect, NavisWorks, and other BIM applications.

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Recorded Animations Here:

BIMStorm GeoDesign at ESRI from KimonOnuma on Vimeo.

BIMStorm GeoDesign Conclusion from KimonOnuma on Vimeo.


BIMStorm™ Hong Kong


Live Links to the BIM and GIS Data



The Goal from 4PM - 5PM Pacific on Jan. 6, 2010

  • Design 30 High Rise Building in Hong Kong
  • Spend $15 Billion US in one hour. Go for it....
  • Audience submits BIM through their iPhones, Androids and PCs Live
  • BIMStorm teams support virtually
  • Show result during the conference
  • Watch buildings appear here starting at 4:15 PM Pacific: http://goo.gl/aX4dW

BIMStorm™ Connects the World

In a world where we must make decisions that impact our environment, the only way to connect the dots is through collaboration. This requires a different way of thinking and process. BIMStorms™ are part of the answer to this challenge. They allow global teams to collaborate in real time. Get Real with BIM at BIMStorm.

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