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Surf the BIMStorm at COAA

Join us at the COAA Conference in Orlando Florida on Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2012


    • Oct. 31, 2012, 2:45 PM - 4:30 PM EDT
  • BIMStorm RECAP

More info at the COAA site

BIMStorm at COAA Webinars:

What is a BIMStorm?

BIMStorms are web-based virtual design charrette workshops that allow hundreds of users to collaborate in real time on design and construction projects using BIM and other technologies. In the context of real projects BIMStorms go on for the duration of the project. For demonstration purposes, BIMStorms that are part of conferences such as COAA are compressed into a few days. Participants are able to experience hands-on the workflows in the process.

The BIMStorm for the COAA fall conference will select a project site to focus on from one of the 112 campuses of the California Community Colleges. Owners will be able to see how their project requirements can evolve from program requirements through design and into construction using BIM and open standards such as COBie, IFC, and web standards.

Participants at the COAA conference will gain knowledge on what is possible today and will be able to view results live on smartphones, tablets and computers.

BIMStorm Dream Team at COAA

The selected project for the COAA BIMStorm will start with preparation work by the BIMStorm Dream Team:

  • Architecture VBN - Master Planning and data collection for the life cycle
  • Balfour Beatty Construction + their consultants - Design, Engineering and Construction
  • Beck Technologies - using DProfiler to provide MacroBIM?, cost and energy analysis
  • bimSCORE - Scientific, objective evaluation of BIM/VDC Maturity, Benchmarked to global best practice evidence, with expert advice for continual improvement
  • Broaddus & Associates - BIM to Life Cycle using COBie
  • Foundation for California Community Colleges - Access to FUSION data for BIM, GIS and Facility Management
  • Onuma, Inc. - Orchestrate the BIMStorm, provide access to the Onuma System, Engage audience in process, Mobile access through iPads and smartphones
  • Pankow - Construction, Design and Construction, BIM to Life Cycle using COBie

A project will be selected for this BIMStorm and posted here soon.

  • The BIMStorm Dream Team have all participated in previous BIMStorms and are willing to share their process and knowledge in this BIMStorm with COAA.
  • Would you like to learn how you can be part of the BIMStorm Dream Team?
  • Contact us to find out how.

BIMStorm Flyer

PDF Flyer here.

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