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We gained our knowledge and experience as architects from more than 30 years of design and construction experience. Two decades ago we formed the Pasadena, CA office. While we did not realize it at the time, we were positioning ourselves to work in the global market using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Not many architectural firms were capable of sending CAD files of an entire project to team members outside of their office. We sent files on a 56 Kb modem to our Tokyo office. Today with internet speeds capable of handling such files, it is standard business practice.

While the industry buzz today is BIM, we applied BIM to projects more than 14 years ago. We have always believed in utilizing technology to the fullest and generating value for our clients. We registered a domain name and had a website in 1993, atypical for most businesses, especially architectural. All projects since then have been managed through these web sites.


Shinjuku Elevation, 1990 using BIM

In 1991 we sent 3D building files into the Tokyo office computer from California via dial up connections while the Tokyo office was closed for the evening. Returning in the morning, Tokyo would review the files and return them with comments. Before the idea of "shipping work overseas" became popular, ONUMA, Inc. was already working in a global market. We were self-sustaining and securing US government and commercial projects. (We created our own IT systems and secured US government and commercial projects.)


Shinjuku BIM, 1990

To accomplish this, we used database driven management systems on almost every project. The improved results were immediate. Meanwhile, hardware and software were gaining speed and allowing the capacity to store larger files and move them over the internet. All of this appears simple today, but most of our methods, with limited hard-drive space, and slow internet connection in the early 90s, were not assisted by seamless interfaces. While these methods are seamlessly incorporated in our business today, they were highly advanced at the time. Meanwhile, real architectural projects and deadlines helped us focus on using the best technology and processes available and creating new support tools.


Paris Elevation, 1990

We wanted to make certain that clients were understanding and visualizing what they communicated to us. When we met with clients during the day, 3D fly throughs were rendered on laptops in the hotel room at night. Clients were surprised to find these fly through renderings the following morning. Although none of these technologies were a requirement from the client, it was and continues to be our mission at ONUMA, to constantly look for new ways to incorporate technology and create value. Immediate communication with the client helped them better visualize, hear their comments quickly, and in turn increased our productivity, garnering rapport and repeat projects with clients.


BIM of Paris, 1990

ONUMA believes so much in developing new technologies that we spend a large percentage of our revenues on research and development. Our knowledge of the best technologies came about due to the need to be efficient and resourceful and our first hand knowledge of what is required to make architectural projects a success. Many architectural firms consult with ONUMA to bring their practice up to speed with newer technologies. Finding the right IT team is not easy. ONUMA can bring your practice to this level.

It has been the focus of our practice to apply technology to architecture. We are not only interested in technology, but we are a team of registered architects and computer scientists, a rarity for a company to have both. Perhaps your practice is not sure about diving into BIM. We can bring your team up to speed with BIM quickly, using tools approved by GSA. If you are interested in Easy BIM, let us know.

ONUMA, Inc. is revolutionizing architecture.

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