Free COBie2 Validator

COBie2 files are Excel Workbooks (or the equivalent excelXML file) with multiple Worksheet. Each record is related to other records within the same workbook by use of a foreign key, ususally column A in each worksheet. This validation checker checks the validity of these foreign keys to make certain that the file can be imported into a relational data structure. It will report missing or invalid foreign keys for each record in the following worksheets:

  • Contact
  • Facility
  • Floor
  • Space
  • Zone
  • Type
  • Component
  • System
  • Spare
  • Resource
  • Job
  • Document
  • Attribute
  • Issue

This Validator only checks COBie Version 2 Release 26 (2.26) or Release 4 (2.4). Select in the submittal form below against which version you would like to check your file.
You may want to download a 2.4 template to transfer your older COBie data into with this link.
You also may download a sample COBIE2 file which which will return some validation errors with the checker below.
Please complete the form below before submitting the first file for checking. Your information remains confidential and will stay with Onuma, Inc.

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