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Related Organizations
Organizations that have related technologies to ONUMA, Inc. that can integrate using open standards such as Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards. This list will continue to grow as ONUMA, Inc. develops and test interoperable solutions with various vendors.



As a Graphisoft Developer, ONUMA, Inc. develops solutions that work with Graphisoft. This development work includes the various Object Libraries based on GDL and Add Ons to Archicad such as the ONUMA BIMdata� Add On.

See section: Onuma and ArchiCAD



As an Autodesk developer, ONUMA, Inc. develops solutions that work with Autodesk solutions based on IFC.

See section: Onuma and Revit


TOKMO and Onuma are both web based applications that can link to each other through Web Services. TOKMO as a cost estimating tool can generate costs in real time as projects are defined in Onuma.


Founding Member

ONUMA, Inc. was one of the founding members of The GDL Alliance.

The GDL Alliance stands to promote the culture of Geometric Description Language (GDL) and enhance the end user experience by providing an environment to attain a more clear understanding of GDL capabilities and implementation.



ONUMA, Inc. is a member of the buildingSMART alliance.


ONUMA, Inc. supports the use of DDS-CAD Viewer for IFC files.


ONUMA, Inc. and DVA have shared like-minded interests in furthering BIM technologies for the Design and Construction industry as is evident in their works with the buildingSMART Alliance and OGC. They have also collaborated and worked with GSA on developing their first edition of the GSA BIM Guide.

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